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Our Benefits

An advanced naturopathic formula.
In addition to assisting weight loss ThinTea also:

The active ingredients in the Detox Blend help the body to eliminate toxins without any harmful side effects. You will feel the difference inside and out! What makes it special? ThinTea has no laxatives, unlike other harmful detox teas out there.

Our Fat Burn blend will help you lose excess weight, but more importantly, it will help develop healthy eating habits. Key ingredients are especially effective in curbing those cravings for unhealthy and unnecessary snacks.

Experience the comfort of a bloat-free life! The Detox Blend is formulated with organic ingredients like juniper berries, nettle leaf and dandelion root that are especially effective in flushing out toxins that cause sluggishness and bloating.

Notice the difference in your skin. Thanks to the cleansing effects of the ThinTea blends, the skin becomes clearer and more supple. Get your glow back and feel healthier from the inside out!

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  • Organic Fennel Seed

  • Organic Nettle Leaf

  • Marshmallow Leaf

  • Organic Juniper Berry

  • Organic Dandelion Root

  • Organic Rose Petal

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What Makes ThinTea So Great?

Our Blends are specifically formulated to: Alkalise, Detoxify, Speed Up Metabolism & Burn Fat. You'll notice results after just 7 days! We only use 100% natural and high quality ingredients. Our teas do NOT contain laxatives. Each ingredient serves a key purpose and has several health benefits!

How It Works?
  • Step 1

    Alkalises Body, Enhancing Nutrient Absorption.

  • Step 2

    Key Ingredients Help Eliminate Harmful Toxins.

  • Step 3

    The Fat Burn Blend Speeds Up Metabolism, Suppresses Appetite and Helps Your Body Burn Calories Faster.