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from Harmful EMF Radiation Since 2012

  • Peer-Reviewed Science

  • 5G Protection

  • $20 Million Spent on R&D

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Award-Winning Science

Our products are internationally recognized and have earned numerous
awards and validation from top scientific communities.

  • Device Protection

    Aires Shield

    Designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors, smart TVs & Devices, PCs, large monitors, laptops, microwave ovens and routers.

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  • Body Protection

    Aires Defender

    Full body protection. Designed to be used on the person for universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from widely spread personal communication devices, power lines and cellular towers.

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  • Area Protection

    Aires Guardian

    Protect your bedroom, childrens rooms, games room, or main areas. Designed to be used as an area protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from WiFi, GPS, bluetooth, cellular & satellite radio found in your vehicle, home or office.

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Comprehensive Research

Aires Tech has been the subject of many research papers and studies proving effectiveness. Among this list is a recent research paper "Case Study: Effect of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) and the Aires Defender" by Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc, Ph.D. conducted at Trent University in Canada.

Get Protected

3 Reasons Why You Need Aires Tech

  • 1. EMF Radiation Affects Us All

    Here are a few everyday symptoms:

    Do you get headaches from lights, excessive screen time, or being too close to a Wi-Fi router? One of the most recognizable EMF sensitive symptoms is the throbbing headache. EMF headaches often occur when you’re exposed to strong EMF emitters. If this sounds like you, EMFs may be affecting you.

    Fatigue & Low Energy
    Do you feel like you’re running on empty and never have enough energy to get through the day? If this sounds like you, EMF’s may be affecting you. Exposure to EMFs often decreases energy and causes fatigue, making your day harder. If this sounds like you, EMFs may be affecting you.

    Sleep Disturbances
    Does it feel like every night’s sleep is restless, no matter how tired you are? If this sounds like you, EMFs may be affecting you. Sleep disturbances are another common symptom of EMF sensitivity. People often report that they have a restless sleep because a Wi-Fi router or other large EMF emitter is on. Improved sleep is one of the most recognizable health improvements when your exposure to EMFs are reduced.

  • 2. EMF Is More Harmful To Children

    The impact on children can be even worse because their brains are not fully developed. A children’s body is not able to fend off the effects of EMF as effectively as an adult’s body.

  • 3. 5G is Here

    All the EMF created by our computers, Wi-Fi, and phones are currently causing numerous health problems. But it’s going to get worse with the arrival of 5G, which provides higher speeds for improved connectivity.

    5G has been called a “radiation spectrum beast” and it’s been compared to “turning on a microwave oven in every room of your house and opening all the oven doors.” Yes, 5G will make our digital lives faster and richer but there are clearly numerous potential health issues. To be effective, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 yards, increasing our exposure to EMF radiation.

The Most Advanced EMF Protection Ever Made

Award Winning
Offers Device, Body, and Area Protection
Peer-Reviewed and Independently Tested
Thousands of satisfied customers
We are an audited company and publicly traded
5G Protection
Uses Advanced Nanotechnology

How Does Aires Tech Protect You?

Our Secret? Advanced Nano-Technology.

Aires Takes the Harmful EMF and Matches It With Your Own EMF - Removing the Harmful Impact of all our Radiation-Emitting Devices.


Patented Microprocessor

The Aires has a patented microprocessor that accumulates EMF charges.


Universal Application

When EMF charge levels are deemed too high, the Aires changes the nature of the EMF into a hologram.



These EMF charges come from wireless devices emitting radiofrequencies and EMF signals including laptops, WIFI routers, cell towers, and phones.


Built With Nanotechnology

The hologram restructures and transforms the EMF “haze” into a more biologically compatible form - similar to EMF from our own bodies.

Through this powerful process called nanotechnology, the Aires products provide you and your family with protection from harmful EMF radiation.

Important Questions

  • What Do Scientists Say About EMF?

    Scientists have known for a long time that certain forms of EMF can cause damage to the body by ramping up the production of free radicals. It’s these free radicals that can lead to a wide variety of health problems. In fact, some forms of EMF can even change the molecular and chemical structures of various substances, including human tissue, leading to more serious health concerns. The medical community has seen a link, although research is ongoing, between EMF and numerous diseases and conditions including brain tumors, lymphoma, hearing issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, plus various forms of cancer.

  • How Does Aires Tech Protect Me?

    Numerous studies performed on subjects aged 18 to 70 years have proven the effectiveness of Aires Tech devices to reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

    Using Aires Tech as a protective device not only effectively restructures electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices, transforming them into a coherent form, it also improves a host of physiological measures of the health of a body subject to man-made electromagnetic radiation, due to the neutralization of one’s own electromagnetic radiation.

  • Can I return the product?

    Absolutely. We invite you to feel the difference with Aires Tech and if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, no worries. You're covered by our hassle-free returns policy.

    This makes Aires Tech a Risk-Free purchase, with all the health benefits.

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying... and Feeling!

  • I've had the Aires Shield Pro for over a week now, applied to my phone case and I can tell it makes my body more grounded. I get less headaches and feel much better after talking on my cell phone.

    Mike P.

  • We bought 7 of these and put 5 on our phones and 2 on our routers. We have stopped getting headaches in the middle of our workday and eye strain has drastically decreased!

    The Fortibus Team

    New York
  • I received this on April 9, 2020 and at least 30 minutes or less after applying this to my phone my current headache stopped immediately. I do deal with allergies and headaches accompany the allergies but this device took my headache away and I immediately realized I had a headache from all the EMF radiation and was amazed. This little device truly does work!!!

    Deborah B.


Complete Peace of Mind, Backed by Science.

AiresTech reduces the negative effects of toxic EMF, which fosters the preservation and restoration of the body’s functional activity. As a result, the body operates at the highest level that corresponds to its genetic foundation.

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