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Watch Out … 5G Will Only Make Things Worse … Unless You Have This …

Thousands of People in 52 Countries Are Trusting This New Way to Combat The Negative Health Impacts of EMF Signals from Computers, Phones, Cell Towers, and Other Devices.

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TORONTO, CANADA—It’s called “Electro-Smog” and it can be as dangerous to your health as smoking.

In fact, it might be worse than smoking, especially with its impact on the brain. And it definitely has a highly negative impact on the health of children.

What are we talking about?

Electromagnetic Fields, also known as EMF. An electromagnetic field is an area of moving electrical charges. Scientists around the world have shown that EMF can be harmful to our health, especially man-made forms of it.

EMF can be natural. Humans produce EMF. It can come from a thunderstorm. And thanks to computers, phones, cell towers, microwaves, and other wireless devices, man-made EMF is everywhere.

EMF Impacts Our Health … And It’s Worse for Children …

  • “I feel terrible after talking on my cell phone.”
  • “My whole body heats up.”
  • “I get awful headaches.”
  • “I have trouble sleeping at night.”
  • “I get all shaky and my anxiety feels increased after spending a few hours being online.”

Scientists have known for a long time that certain forms of EMF can cause damage to the body by ramping up the production of free radicals. It’s these free radicals that can lead to a wide variety of health problems.

In fact, some forms of EMF can even changethe molecular and chemical structures of various substances, including human tissue, leading to more serious health concerns. The medical community has seen a link, although research is ongoing, between EMF and numerous diseases and conditions including brain tumors, lymphoma, hearing issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, plus various forms of cancer.

The impact on children can be even worse because their brains are not fully developed. A children’s body is not able to fend off the effects of EMF as effectively as an adult’s body.

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WARNING: It’s Only Going to Get Worse. Here Comes 5G.

All the EMF created by our computers, Wi-Fi, and phones are currently causing numerous health problems. But it’s going to get worse with the arrival of 5G, which provides higher speeds for improved connectivity.

5G has been called a “radiation spectrum beast” and it’s been compared to “turning on a microwave oven in every room of your house and opening all the oven doors.” Yes, 5G will make our digital lives faster and richer but there are clearly numerous potential health issues. To be effective, 5G will require cell antennas every 100 to 200 yards, increasing our exposure to EMF radiation.

“More and more Americans are reporting new cell towers in their communities each and every day.”

Everyone is at risk from the impact of 5G. But people most at risk include EHS sufferers, the elderly, young children, and people with a weak immune system.

The arrival of 5G is likely to make the following worse: inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, headaches,muscle aches, brain fog, depression, and feeling of burnout.

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Celebrities Know About the Impact of EMF – And Are Using Their Platforms to Spread Information.

A number of celebrities have taken steps to keep themselves safe from EMF … and help keep others safe.

  • Kourtney Kardashian has removed many sources of EMF-based radiation from her home.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow has written articles about EMF and health through GOOP, her brand and blog.
  • Singer and actress Lady Gaga keeps her phone away from her head when making calls.
  • Model Miranda Kerr significantly reduced EMF in her home.
  • DJ Steve Aoki wrote a book called Disconnect that talks about health hazards from EMF.

These are just a few of the celebrities who are concerned about EMF and its impact on our health.

A Surprising Fact About Our Bodies

We might think of our bodies as flesh and bones. But our bodies are a big source of electricity.

Electrical signals running through our bodies control just about everything we do. And yes, we have a natural EMF.

Scientists discovered a way to harness this natural EMF to combat the negative impact of man-made EMF signals emitted from cell towers and wireless devices such as WIFI routers, cell phones, baby monitors, tablets, and laptops.

Finally … A Proven Solution to the EMF Problem …

A company called Aires Tech spent over $20 million creating a series of products to combat EMF – they have been providing complete peace of mind when it comes to harmful EMF radiation since 2012.

They recently introduced three products to help protect against 5G EMF radiation.

Check Out What Customers Are Saying – and Feeling.

  • Mike P.

I've had the Aires Shield Pro for over a week now, applied to my phone case and I can tell it makes my body more grounded. I get less headaches and feel much better after talking on my cell phone.

  • The Fortibus Team

We bought 7 of these and put 5 on our phones and 2 on our routers. We have stopped getting headaches in the middle of our workday and eye strain has drastically decreased!

  • Deborah B.

I received this on April 9, 2020 and at least 30 minutes or less after applying this to my phone my current headache stopped immediately. I do deal with allergies and headaches accompany the allergies but this device took my headache away and I immediately realized I had a headache from all the EMF radiation and was amazed. This little device truly does work!!!

Aires Tech provides 24/7 protection from EMF radiation. Thousands of families around the world are enjoying their wireless devices with greatly reduced adverse effects of EMF – with the highest level of protection and complete peace of mind.

Universal EMF Protection with Thousands of Satisfied Customers Worldwide

How Does Aires Tech Protect You?

  • 1
  • The Aires has a patented microprocessor that accumulates EMF charges.
  • 2
  • These EMF charges come from wireless devices emitting radiofrequencies and EMF signals including laptops, WIFI routers, cell towers, and phones.
  • 3
  • When EMF charge levels are deemed too high, the Aires changes the nature of the EMF into a hologram.
  • 4
  • The hologram restructures and transforms the EMF “haze” into a more biologically compatible formsimilar to EMF from our own bodies.
  • 5
  • Through this powerful process called nanotechnology, the Aires products provide you and your family with protection from harmful EMF radiation.

Aires Takes the Harmful EMF and Matches It With Your Own EMF - Removing the Harmful Impact of all our Radiation-Emitting Devices.

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Proven by Scientific Studies…

Scientists in Europe tested the Aires through an independent study and found the Aires to be powerful and effective.

Aires doesn’t block EMF. If that happened, none of our devices would work. Instead, Aires changes the nature of EMF so it’s no longer harmful. It’s fully compatible with:

  • 3G
  • 4G
  • LTE
  • 5G
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Aires is super-simple to use. Just attach your Aires product to your devices and carry on you for the highest level of protection.

Use them every place where EMF could cause harm:

  • Offices
  • Automobiles
  • Bedrooms
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Server Rooms
  • Wireless Technology Environments such as schools, apartment buildings, and even your house

The people who have trusted Aires have reported remarkable results. These include clearer thinking, better sleep, and even a reduction in hot flashes. Plus there’s peace of mind knowing you’re keeping harmful EMF at bay.

It’s no surprise Aires works: the company has invested $20 million in research and development. This takes place in a state-of-the-art facility. Researchers include scientists with PhDs in medicine and physics. Aires is also a publicly-traded company that’s attracting investors from around the world.

3 Products to Protect You from EMF Anywhere, Anytime

The Aires Defender Pro – carry with you for personal protection. This version is designed to be used on the person for universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from widely spread personal communication devices, power lines, and cellular towers. Click here for more information.

The Aires Guardian – place in a room for area protection. Designed to be used as an area protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular, and satellite radio found in your vehicle, home, or office. Click here for more information.

The Aires Shield Pro – The smallest version for protection from individual devices. Attach directly to your phone and other devices. Designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors, smart TVs, PCs, large monitors, laptops, microwave ovens, and routers. Click here for more information.

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How to Get Your Aires and the Protection You Need

Products from Aires Tech are now available. Click here here to see the latest limited-time offers.These products are scientifically proven and will provide protection from harmful EMF. They are built to last a lifetime and do not require any electricity. Simply click here now to discover more about EMF protection from Aires Tech. Or click the link below.

More Testimonials – the highest level of EMF protection

Carm Altieri

I was so worried about all of the devices that my children use from their iPad to cell phones to TV, you name it. After purchasing a family pack I know we are now all protected in the home, I feel much safer knowing that they won't be affected by the radiation from their devices.

George Aizpurua

A lot of 5G cell towers have been getting installed in my community and after reading about the effects of radiation from these towers I couldn't be oblivious. Purchasing the Guardian was the best thing I could do to ensure my safety when walking around. Highly recommend it!

Anthony Simone

Due to the nature of my job, I am ALWAYS on my cell phone calling people, sending text messages, and scrolling through social media. I used to worry about radiation all the time since I'm a power user until a friend recommended the Aires Shield Pro. Couldn't be happier!