If you've noticed your broadband bill creeping up month to month, you're not alone! Broadband pricing has never been regulated, which means that internet service providers are free to charge whatever they want and to hike their prices whenever they want.

It also means there is no regulation or commission that oversees the distribution of data. According to the Better Business Bureau, they receive over 300,000+ complaints everyday from Americans complaining about not receiving the internet speeds they pay for.

What is the solution?

I’m a long-time freelancer who works from home. I’ve owned a lot of Wifi Boosters in my quest for the fastest and cheapest possible Wi-Fi. I had the original Apple Airport Booster, followed by the AirPort Extreme, the Linksys WRT3200ACM, and most recently Wifi Booster.

Basically the Lamborighini’s of Wifi-Boosters.

But there was something I kept noticing. It didn’t matter how expensive my internet plan was (currently at 100mbps), each router I used was measurable but relatively muted. The increase in speed was noticeable, but not “monumental”.

That’s when I discovered Wifi Booster (which set me back only $49), it was like going from dial-up to broadband. Yes, it’s a big statement. But as a programmer who has been proactive in the mission for years to finding better Wifi Booster products, and who also been on the phone with “Xfinity” probably for 2 years of my life if you add it all up, this was the real deal.

My internet went from Seth Rogen to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect such a boost in speed, as my previous Wi-Fi booster was pretty good. Note that I am a router hobbyist and not an expert, so I'm using to measure my internet speed.

I have a 100mbps internet package and with my previous booster, sometimes I was able to get up to 75mbps. It didn’t matter how much I complained or called Xfinfinity, they always had the same response “sir, it’s up to 100 mbps, we do not guarantee it. If you are an employee at Xfinity reading this... damn you!

But with Wifi Booster, it didn’t matter which room you were in, how far you were from the router, or if you were using a phone or laptop... I was seeing regular speed readings of 438Mbps. That’s almost double the speed I was seeing before.

Wifi Booster

Internet providers don’t want you having fast internet from the get-go. They simply make too much money already by offering you unnecessary upgrades. So they rather you climb slowly up the mountain, so they can take more.

Since Wifi Booster doesn't make money off you every month, they are able to provide you with a much stronger WiFi-signal from the get-go.

Wifi Booster simply works by doubling your WiFi signal range at higher frequencies than the router which your internet provides you.

All you have to do is plug it in, and it will automatically start looking for WiFi networks to broadcast at higher efficiency rates. It really is that easy. Just plug it in!

How Much Does it Really Cost?

According to their website, Wifi Booster saves the average American up to $500 per year.

Instead of upgrading your internet package to get faster speeds (which your internet company rarely delivers) you can purchase Wifi Booster one time and receive double the speed without paying a single cent and using your same internet package.

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