In home spa, healthy skin, healthy hair, 3 zone massager, mineral shower, cut water cost! These are only half the reasons why you should get an ionic showerhead in 2020.

Explaining the sensation is incredibly difficult, but if you’ve ever showered in hard water, you’ll know it. Hard water contains more calcium and magnesium than soft water and it can make it a royal pain to remove shampoo/soap — which is why finding the best shower heads for hard water is especially important.

Because of all of the minerals found in hard water, the effect it can have on your skin is far from pleasant. It takes more effort to rid your skin of soap, which means there's a greater chance that residue will be left behind after your shower. Of course, all of that nasty, scummy soap residue can actually clog your pores and lead to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Who would have thought water could make you breakout?

It wasn’t until 6 months of showering in my new home that I started to notice changes in my hair and overall health. My hair began to dry out and frizz, my dirty blonde color became brassy and dull, and I was feeling tired and sore all the time for no apparent reason. Oh and the acne.

It was only when I started to do a little research that I realized my problem...

Hard water is an issue that we must deal with in most parts of the world, as iron is in abundant supply in dirt, seeping into our water and depositing hard metals. These are just some of the effects of hard water on our bodies:

Damages hair and skin with harmful heavy metals and chemicals which build up on your scalp causing breakage

Heavy metals are absorbed into the skin and enter your bloodstream making you feel sluggish, stressed and fatigued

Iron and rust build up in your shower head which causes low water pressure, making your shower experience disappointing and often frustrating

Enter the SHOWER SPA, a revolutionary ionized shower head that will take your shower experience from dirty rust to hair heaven!

SHOWER SPA has the solution to your hair problems

The SHOWER SPA Ionized Shower Head uses infrared mineral balls to pull heavy toxins from the water, purifying so you can enjoy your shower again without damaging or discoloring your hair. It also leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and deeply clean as negative ionc balls reverse the effects of heavy metals and toxins and promotes the absorption of minerals into your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and restored every time you take a shower.

No more expensive spa treatments or mineral baths needed when you use the SHOWER SPA! The showerhead takes less than 5 minutes to install in any shower — simply remove the old shower head and screw on the SHOWER SPA. That’s it! No tools are required and you can have instant spa-quality, restoring showers at home. The SHOWER SPA is also customizable with 3 shower settings to give you a relaxing experience to wash your stresses away.

Since switching to the SHOWER SPA I have seen amazing changes in my hair, skin and overall well being. This showerhead has been a gamechanger to reversing the damage my old showerhead was doing to my body! The standout features include:

  • A reviving shower experience that that relieves the day’s stress every single time. The 3 settings are great for when I’m looking to target certain areas of pain or give myself a relaxing massage on tense muscles.
  • Healthy strong hair that doesn’t feel like straw or break off easily. The infrared mineral particles strip away the heavy metal deposits in the water, leaving me with clean, fresh water to keep my hair healthy and looking shiny always.
  • Soft and smooth skin that isn’t irritated with harsh chemicals added. Negatively-charged ion particles promote mineral absorption which leaves skin feeling replenished and keep your body free of toxins that create fatigue, headaches and soreness.
  • Shower pressure that makes me feel like I’m in shower heaven! This showerhead is great for avoiding rust build up that slows down your water pressure and allows you to adjust the pressure so you can have an amazing shower experience every day.
  • Money saving and eco-friendly in every way

    The SHOWER SPA improves your home bathroom in every way and at $49.99 (with FREE shipping!) it’s an affordable way to save on your water bill! The SHOWER SPA saves up to 30% of water usage for every shower, leading to up to $2,800 in savings off your annual water bill. You can step out of your shower knowing that you are doing your part to help conserve water and you get the benefit of huge savings. What’s not to like about that?

    I have found the ultimate solution to brittle hair and rough skin with the SHOWER SPA and for a limited time, you can receive 50% off your purchase and take advantage of free shipping!

    Invest in your health and wellness with the easy to install SHOWER SPA and take your daily shower experience from disappointing to unbelievably amazing every time.





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