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Australia’s Coronavirus-driven Crypto Rush: How investing into crypto right now can secure your future.

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Image caption Update: Bitcoin Profit is Now Available in All of EU

Ultra-wealthy Australian investors were big buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency stocks in late March and early April, suggesting that the wild market swings brought on by the coronavirus pandemic are creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for those seeking financial freedom.

“What we’ve witnessed over the past month in financial markets has been truly unprecedented. In a 48-day stretch ranging between Feb.24, 2020 and April 10, 2020, over 125,000 Australians saw their networth jump by over 37% after pulling their money out of conventional stocks and investing into the cryptocurrency market”,” said Chief Economist Russell Cambell.

As stocks continue to fall amidst the financial chaos brought on by the virus pandemic, middle class Australian’s who are heavily invested into the stock markets are beginning to panic and put their money into what some are calling, “the next gold rush”.

What's happening: Thanks to zero fees, easy access afforded by the internet, and an unexpected glut of free time on their hands, millennials and Gen Zers in Australia are opening online brokerage accounts at a record pace and cashing in on cryptocurrency trading platforms like Bitcoin Profit™.

  • Bitcoin Profit™ reported a record 608,000 new funded accounts in Australia for the first quarter of 2020.
  • The average annual return on investment is 44x that of a conventional Australian bank.
  • The average investor on the platform made $4,550 (before taxes) for the month of April.

But as the pandemic continues to soar and families everywhere begin to financially panic, there seems to be a bit of relief in the air for Henry Wilson, a carpenter who lost his job three weeks ago and but now works from home supporting a family of 5.

Henry, who only learned how to set up a Facebook account two weeks ago, is supporting his family financially through a new wave of automated investing using the Bitcoin Profit app.

“I made $125 my first day using Bitcoin Profit but wasn’t sold on it being a potential income replacer. 2 months later and I have made more than my entire salary last year as a plumber.”So what is this new wave of making money online? It’s called the Bitcoin Profit and it’s quickly becoming one of the most preferred ways to earn a full time income while working online from home for many Europeans.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

The Bitcoin Profit app is a cryptocurrency trading platform where Australian’s can buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a patented robot trader.

The robot is built with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology that automatically trades currencies for you.

It’s like having 100 wall street traders in your pocket working for you at all times. The decision making process the robot uses is based on real time market trends and scraping of online news media.

The app is designed to find volatility within markets and capitalize on them, earning you small increments of profits throughout the day.

Anyone with an internet connection can create an account and begin trading. The intuitive platform offers 24/7 phone support, a Facebook group of over 24,000 people using the app, and live webinars to help people earn more.

What makes the Bitcoin Profit so popular right now is the return on investment. As gold, oil, and majority of stocks plummet due to the virus pandemic, the cryptocurrency market on the other hand is experiencing exponential growth.

“Cryptocurrency hasn’t done this since 2015 before Its 10,000% bull run”, according to Australia’s Economic Watchdog, AussieSense.

How Henry Makes $450+ Per Day Using Bitcoin Profit

Henry joined the Bitcoin Profit community at the beginning of March. The community consists of people who are taking advantage of Bitcoin’s climb to land massive returns, quietly and safely.

The community uses a patented software that is designed with the most advanced algorithm and machine learning technology.

In the most simplest form, the platform is designed to capitalize on market volatility. This means when there is a pandemic, stock sell off, or breaking market news; the software will use it’s AI to predict market movements and make uber-smart investments on your behalf.

The best thing about the Bitcoin Profit is that it exploits the market and does not rely on it. The Bitcoin Profit allows you to profit when stocks drop or rise.

Henry uses this patented software to trade for him as he has no knowledge on financial markets. Bitcoin Profit’s trading robots manage all of Henry ’s trading activity, all Henry has to do is check in on the progress every half hour to an hour.

Get Started with Bitcoin Profit

But as the pandemic continues to soar and families everywhere begin to financially panic, there seems to be a bit of relief in the air for Henry Wilson, a plumber who lost his job three weeks ago and but now works from home supporting a family of 5.

Invest Any Amount.

Choose how much you want to invest, and we’ll convert from dollars to parts of a whole share. We recommend starting with a minimum of $300 to see the quickest And best results.

Build a Balanced Portfolio.

Customize your portfolio with pieces of different companies and funds to help reduce risk.

Trade in Real Time, Automatically.

Trade in real time using Bitcoin Profit’s patented robo-trader technology. The Technology acts as your own trading broker and will ask for your permission to Execute trades based on it’s patented AI.


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I know that my husband keeps talking about this and after reading this article, it truly makes sense at how the prices will eventually go up. Makes way more sense to me when it’s laid clearly like this… I’m going to invest even by myself to surprise my family later on when the market restores.

Reply . 19 Like . 25 minutes ago

Just registered, honestly so easy to understand the turnaround of these stock markets, this is what they wanted to happen - so they can invest further into the economy at a fraction of the cost.

Reply . 53 Like . about an hour ago

Not going to miss out on this opportunity, I was already hesitant in 2008 and looked around, so many winners from that year that benefited in the crash market.

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

Signed up, super excited to see where this goes!

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

I read through the studies, and it’s true there are a lot of investors making over six figures because they invested into oil stocks earlier.s

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

damn! I keep seeing reports about this, and need to register asap.

Reply . Like . 2 hours ago

I’ve actually always invested in oil because I know it’s a commodity that we will need forever. I have no worries or doubts on how this will benefit me later on.

Reply . 12 Like . 2 hours ago