Mom & Pop Shop Disrupts the Jewelry Business and Big Corporations are Furious!

Top Experts, Industry Insiders, and Top Manufacturers Are Now Recommending New Plated Alloy Rings & Synthetic Stones to all Jewelry Lovers and Online Shoppers

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J. COLT - Gemologist Blogger

It's no surprise that there's an alternative for everything out there.

No need to purchase expensive jewelry that ends up hidden in the closet. Instead get with the times.

There are new and imitation materials that are plated with alloys and crystal stones in jewelry making and stone development, which saves new shoppers and existing jewelry owners $1500 on average from overpaying!

Did you know that you are overpaying as much as 72% for the new jewelry you just purchased.

Especially when you consider how much you end losing in cost if you lose or get the jewelry stolen.. As engagement and wedding ring sets cost up to $8,000.

Over 50,000 jewelry items are sold daily on eBay, which is 35 every minute. In 2019, an astounding 29 million people made jewelry purchases daily. As it stands, projections for 2020 foresee that the fashion accessories and costume jewelry market will achieve 8.8 billion in sales for the year.

Jewelry stores in the US generated $39.7 billion in sales in 2018, according to Polygon. Every day thousands of people are taking advantage of these sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

"It's a very exciting time for jewelry lovers / online shoppers, we knew we had a great program, but we didn't know we would have such a great demand," says Dan Wesley, founder of, the lead provider of this remarkable solution.

But a closer look suggests that maybe the company shouldn't have been surprised by its success.

There are good reasons why Blush and Bar/imitation jewelry is growing in popularity.

To begin with, more than 29,000,000 people purchased jewelry online daily in 2019 according to SaleHOO.

On average, shoppers report instant savings of 300% up to an unbelievable 1000% off markup.

Faux Jewelry Has Never
Seemed More ‘Real’.

With Blush and Bar, buyers never have to worry about losing stones, ring bands breaking, lack of everyday durability, or sustaining an allergic reaction. Each ring has been created using the highest quality certified, stamped 925 Sterling Silver and 18k Gold. All the material that goes into the creation of each piece has been sourced ethically. With a lifetime warranty for workmanship, each piece has been designed to last and honed for a precision fit. To further back each purchase, the jewelry items come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The results show:

  • Best choice I ever made. Looking like a million dollars doesn't have to cost it.

New technological advances have made owning jewelry much more affordable. Joanna Hardy, a jewelry expert for the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, said: "The great thing about colored stones is that you can buy something really fabulous looking.

It really doesn't seem to matter how young or old we are, how busy we become, or how free we are, no one wants to spend time hunting around for their keys or wallet.” Blush and Bar are backed by the Wall Street Journal, The Wendy Show, and ‘The Real’ talk show. In addition, they have almost 1000 five-star reviews on Yotpo and serve over 35k customers.

Why Are People So Excited?

Chemists and leading manufacturers have perfected/created a method for making jewelry that is environmentally friendly, saves money, and helps consumers avoid the pain and heartache of losing expensive jewelry.

Yes, the same online retail jewelers often mark up the prices by an average of 300% up to an unbelievable 1000%.

In 2018, 69.25 percent of women living in the United States were listed as ‘married’. Sadly, studies have shown that 14.3 percent of those women lost their wedding ring. Out of those, 78 percent had no insurance protection to help replace their lost treasure and replenish their financial loss.

More than one in 10 (11%) clumsy couples lost an engagement or wedding ring with more than a third going straight down the drain (literally).

The average cost of an engagement and wedding ring set in 2014 was $8,000. A survey carried out by Bluetooth tracking company found that 1,000 U.S. adults sustain one to five losses or misplace their personal belongings every week.

According to the FBI, only 96% of jewelry is not recovered after being reported stolen. On average, those who have lost a financially valuable item estimate its worth at $582.76.

The average engagement ring will cost $6,000 which makes jewelry the most valuable item that people regularly lose. Having a ring by Blush and Bar that looks authentic but costs a fraction of the price is cause for excitement if you should lose the item because you will not sustain a huge financial loss. A new couple starting out might not want to spend thousands on rings. Instead, they want to use the money they have saved for a honeymoon, to pay off debt, or to buy their first home as a married team.

Soon-to-be newlyweds are feeling excitement over having the opportunity to purchase truly outstanding rings at only a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding sets.

Those who are environmentally conscious have reason to cheer. Chemists and leading manufacturers have paired with Blush and Bar to perfect a truly remarkable method of creating jewelry that is not only environmentally friendly but also saves consumers money.

In 2020, an ounce of gold holds at $1,8880.60, and a price of silver is almost $25 per oz. The quality that goes into each ring from Blush and Bar creates a luxurious item for consignment prices. The prices are astonishingly low when compared to the prices of silver and gold.

Choose from 3 different ring options: 3 high quality rings for 99$, 5 for $159, or 7 for $199. Blush and Bar take the happiness of their customers seriously. They also want to spread joy and excitement by granting the wishes of terminally ill children. Currently, they have given the Make a Wish Foundation $10,000+ to date (1% of all sales)!

Results Proven

Blush and Bar have taken technology to a whole new level. Their luxurious rings never cause ‘green finger’, sustain broken bands, tarnish, or lose their stones. With a 925 Sterling Silver and 18k Gold combination, the rings are exceptional.

Research always comes first with stringent 3rd party quality checks mandatory. Factory production videos are posted to provide further insight into the manufacturing process.

925 Sterling Silver combined with 18k gold 18K Yellow/Rose Gold Vermeil over 925 Sterling Silver to prevent discoloration 3rd party quality checks Ethically sourced materials Rings are available in sizes 4-13 Nickel, Cadmium, and Lead-Free Handcrafted Custom creation Lifetime warranty Free shipping Free resizing within 30 days of purchasing

The creative process of Blush and Bar is impressive so it’s clear why they can provide a lifetime warranty on all their rings.

With free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee, consumers can rest easy making a jewelry purchase.

How it Works

Ordering a ring has never been simpler.

Measure the interior diameter of an existing ring and then refer to the chart on the Blush and Bar website to determine the size. Pick a ring and enter the size. Choose the preferred metal. Order the ring or rings. Buying quality rings and jewelry has never been easier or quicker!

Visit the Blush and Bar website to check out the savings!

Bundle and save with different options: 3 high quality rings for 99$, 5 for $159, or 7 for $199. Call the jewelry experts at Blush and Bar Jewelry, LLC at 800-519-5527. If the phone lines are busy, then visit the Blush and Bar website to chat directly with a customer service representative or to order online.

Anyone who is unsure about the jewelry they need or want to buy can take the online quiz.