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During these chaotic times in full swing, it’s important more now than ever that we invest in our mental health. Under normal circumstances, retail therapy has injected many of us with positive vibes when we needed them the most. With uncertain times lurking, it’s become a bit harder to stay optimistic but it is imperative that we continue finding ways to paint smiles on faces all across the world!

There have been many days I was feeling down and received an unexpected gift that instantly purged my entire being of all negativity. The feeling it gave me was truly unparalleled! The giver had no idea I was even in need of a pick-me-up making the gift that much more meaningful.

With retailers locked down, I feel for those of us who struggle with finding things that fit in-person and for those hoping to provide a loved one with a bit of sunshine on a gloomy day.

Fret not! I’m going to introduce you to an online retailer who’s revolutionizing the online ring shopping experience with high-class jewelry that’s precision fit, durable and priced at a cost that won’t break the bank!

Blush and Bar Rings Are Made With Certified, Quality Materials That Are Ethically Sourced

For many of us, quarantine has offered up an opportunity to increase inner happiness and good health. Some have started diets and ditched the junk food while others learned a new skill. No matter what has been occupying your time, you've probably learned more about things that are healthy to ingest or wear. Keeping our minds and bodies in check has been a top priority.

Blush and Bar has also been doing their research. With these luxurious rings the dreaded “green finger,” lost stones, broken bands, and tarnishing are all things of the past. Each ring is made with the highest quality certified, stamped 925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. They conduct stringent 3rd party quality checks and you can view the factory production in videos for your own insight! Rest easy knowing every material used comes from a supplier who guarantees it’s sources are ethical.

Take the Guess Work Out of Ring Shopping!

It’s always nice knowing the ring you absolutely love won’t suddenly cause a skin condition. Then there’s a whole other level of comfort that comes with knowing the ring will fit as if it had been custom tailored for you; because this one was! Jewelry Blush and Bar’s online sizing and selecting tools have you covered far and wide just like the warranty!

This family owned company is backed by The Wendy Williams Show, “The Real” talk show, and WallStreet Journal. They ensure you’ll ALWAYS have a ring that fits your finger. You can exchange your ring no questions asked for as long as you own it. Don’t just take my word for it, they’ve racked up almost 1000 five-star Yotpo reviews and 35k+ customers proving the 2020 pandemic was not an impossible hurdle to scale!

Not only does Blush and Bar ensure their customers are always happy, but they also spread joy by granting the wishes of terminally ill children. They have given Make a Wish Foundation $10,000+ to date (1% of all sales)! This foundation does things like take kids on dream trips and introduce them to their idols. It’s safe to say Blush and Bar is a perfect fit all the way around!

Lifetime Protection Never Hurt Nobody

Purchasing new jewelry is fun and exciting! Once you find that it fits your finger, you’ll also want to know if there’s any protection included in case the unthinkable happens. Losing a stone or snapping the band can weigh heavy on the heart.

Blush and Bar takes all responsibility for their products because they know the quality is reliable! These high-quality rings are tough and backed by a lifetime warranty that’s just as strong! Retailers typically only carry sizes 5-10 but in addition to www.blushandbar.com you can find these beauties on Amazon and in Wal-Mart ranging in sizes from 4-13. If for any reason you don’t love your purchase, you’ll have 60 days to try it out absolutely risk-free!

“Good Things Come in Small Packages”

Some may think “bigger is better” but jewelry comes in small boxes! When you open it up and see that first shimmer, your whole soul glows. Once you’ve placed it on your finger and the metal warms to your body temp, it’s like you’ve fused with your new accessory. A small hug for your finger!

When you open your ring from Blush and Bar, you will be blinded by the reflection of the designer box’s LED light shining on your new bling. These boxes and hypoallergenic rings are affordable individually, but you can also bundle the rings to add more bang for your buck with their little packages! Choose from 3 different options: 3 high quality rings for 99$, 5 for $159 or 7 for $199.

If none of these packages suit your needs, Jewelry Blush and Bar have taken yet another step to make sure you can splurge without the cost during quarantine! With payment options available, you can treat yourself or a loved one without guilt using flex payments that are available through Afterpay.com and blackcart.com.

Jewelry Blush and Bar has hit it out of the park with rings that offer luxury for consignment prices! Not only will these rings fit precisely but they’ll never discolor or fall apart! In addition to the service and show stopping products, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing these rings are low in cost because they truly come from a place of love versus unethical practices. If any issues do arise, Jewelry Blush and Bar "insures” you will get the positivity you were looking for! Check for yourself here at https://www.blushandbar.com/pages/about. It turns out that even on rainy days, we don’t have to sacrifice our inner well-being after all!

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