Appearing Live on The Daily Mirror’s Facebook live stream last week, Lisa Wilson shared her insane online success story with over 359,000 viewers. According to the brand new mom, she began investing her benefit checks into an emerging digital currency market using an automated investing app, and within weeks of the pandemic taking off, her return on investment grew by over 12,245%.

“I watched a couple of YouTube videos on digital currencies and just signed up. It was stupidly easy. Don’t be fooled by all the charts and people talking technical terms. Everything is automated”.

Digital currency investing really began to take off in the early 2000’s. Geeks and nerds around the world began buying currency stocks online for a fraction of a penny, and seeing their returns almost multiply by over 4,000% in timelines as short as just a couple years.

Just like the Bitcoin boom which made more millionaires than real estate investors in the last 20 years, investing into digital currencies has always been a lucrative and hot topic among millennials.

What is automated investing? It’s the use of digital platforms to make pre-programmed investing and trading decisions based on algorithms and variables. The user signs up to the platform and allows a computer to perform the bulk of the trading/work.

“As transparency comes to market, more millennials are in search of higher return on investment strategies and banks are just not offering it. Alternative investing like digital currency is the fastest growing investment preference across the UK, expected to overtake the sports betting market by 2021”.

Lisa signed up with Crypto Engine, a pioneer in the online digital currency industry. With absolutely no experience or setup fee, Lisa was able to create an account, connect her bank account, and get the app started on her automated investment goals.

Apps like Robinhood have offered automated investing for over 4 years. Crypto Engine does this exactly but with an edge, it utilizes machine learning technology to actively trade digital currencies on your behalf based on nano-second market volatility.

In more simpler terms. Crypto Engine is like hiring a team of 100 traders to research and trade on your behalf. All you do is tell the app what your limits are and how frequent to deposit your earnings. It’s the most favored style of trading for millennials and it’s taking over the financial market.

Lisa’s Investment Strategy

  • Start small. Lisa recommends investing anywhere between £250 and £1,000. This way you are not taking any financial risks and you’ll be able to quickly test if the automated app is making you money.
  • Use a pioneer platform like Crypto Engine that has over 1,000,000 members and a dedicated support team. The ability to call and ask a question or get same day deposits on your profits is something that makes Lisa feel very secure.
  • Diversity! Lisa purchased over 200 coins. Don’t worry it wasn’t expensive, it only cost £250. Within 2 months, her bank account was sitting at £30,499. She contributes her success to buying multiple currencies.

Numbers Do Not Lie

2017, today you would have had a minimum of £634,000 sitting in your bank account.

Start Earning Today


Right now, Crypto Engine is allowing our readers to try the platform for a minimum initial deposit of just £200. You can withdraw this amount at any time you want.

Given the massive increase in popularity of the trading platform, this initial minimum deposit may increase!

It is crucial that you sign up for Crypto Engine immediately, as we do not know how many places will be available

You can fund your account via credit card or a bank transfer.

There are three steps to get started:
1. Sign Up For A Free Account
2. Deposit The Minimum £200
3. Use The Trading Platform To Earn Profits

Note: You can withdraw your profits or initial deposit at ANY time by using the 'Withdraw' button inside the platform

Step 1: Enter Your Details To Sign Up For A Free Account

Step 2: Deposit The Initial Minimum Investment Of £200

Step 3: Withdraw Your Profits (or keep them invested to generate more profit!)

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