Chil Wellness: An Athlete’s Road To Recovery

Pro athlete Joanne has a “eureka” moment thanks to CBD salve

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Meet Joanne, a pro-skier, and one of our greatest success stories. Skiing since the age of 12, Joanne lived and breathed this sport. She also dealt with the chronic pain and inflammation that came with it. At age 30, she broke multiple bones in her back and tore her MCL during a competition. Doctors thought she’d be forced to retire from her passion.

No matter how much Joanne rested and iced, nothing seemed to reduce the excruciating agony. Her back and knees always felt on fire, but she didn’t want to risk prescription drug addiction or dangerous side effects from meds.

Imagine what it would be like to give up the one thing in life that you love.

Imagine if the only solution meant risking your career and mental health.

That’s when a fellow athlete told her about the magic of CBD. This compound was curing the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, joint disorders, and other muscle-based pains. It was a miracle in fighting inflammation. The product she recommended was the Ultimate Relief Bundle by Chil Wellness, who created a life-changing formula strengthened with other naturally painkilling ingredients.

After rubbing it on her knees and back every day, Joanne noticed the swelling going down, and the pain was melting away. It didn’t return. One month later, and she started to heal even faster, regaining mobility that had been lost after surgery. Today, she’s back on the slopes training again, even though doctors said it was impossible.

Joanne is just one of the thousands who have found relief with the Chil Wellness. She felt connected to the company’s founder and his little girl with rheumatoid arthritis, the inspiration behind the brand. Joanne too had a small nephew who tragically suffered from the same disease and was left without a solution.

After her own pain was erased, she felt hope that she could bring relief to her loved ones and improve their lives with a clean, all-organic formula. It’s all thanks to Chil Wellness, a non-toxic solution that stands up to chronic pain, joint issues, and stress.

Myth: All CBD Is Created Equal

Although it’s Mother Nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory, not all CBD is the same. A pure formula requires:

  • 3rd Party Lab Testing
  • USA Cultivated Hemp
  • Full Spectrum extract

We check all of these boxes at Chil Wellness, with strict testing and growing standards to make sure you get the quality you deserve.

Get Instant Relief and Inner Peace with Chil Wellness

Not all pain is the same, so Chil Wellness has tailored a line of products that offer different levels of relief. Every item is 100% organic and chemical-free and targets specific issues according to lifestyle.

Every product is bundled for the most effective relief and lowest cost to save you cash.

Chronic pain and/or stiffness: If you have chronic or non-stop suffering that just won’t go away, the potent Ultimate Relief Bundle has your back with a total savings of 20% off each product inside. This bundle contains the brand’s bestseller: 1000mg of bio-nano CBD in Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve fortified with soothing magnesium. Buyers also get the peppermint-flavored Mellow Mint Drops, which promote a tranquil focus and soothed muscles or joints.

Daily aches and pains: Most of us experience this after a workout or being on our feet all day. In the Advanced Relief Bundle, Aspen’s salve comes in a convenient and portable roll-on version. This fast-drying formula never sticks to clothes. A bottle of comforting Mellow Mint Drops is also included to provide dual oral relief.. 20% discount applies.

Prevention and faster recovery: If you’re looking to get ahead of next-day pains and only have light stiffness and pain, the Sport Muscle Recovery Balm will make your body smile from the inside out. It cuts recovery time drastically thanks to a 500mg dosage of full-spectrum CBD, and the foolproof Mellow Mint Drop come with this package as well. 20% discount applies.

Relax, Recover, and Renew - From Arthritis to Insomnia

Studies online show that CBD can inhibit neuropathic and inflammatory pain, which are the two hardest types of chronic pain to treat. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound in cannabis. It doesn’t get you high, but still has many anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties.

Many people have claimed it to be more effective than steroids and opioids, with little to no side effects and zero chemicals. Along with calming inflamed tissues and easing physical discomfort, CBD has been replacing sleeping pills with its restful and stress-relieving qualities. Here are some other benefits of using the innovative Chil Wellness recipe:

  • Bio-Nano CBD: Using cutting-edge technology, our brand creates CBD particles that are 700 times thinner than a human hair. This microscopic size lets CBD soak deeper into your skin, healing your body faster.
  • It works with your body: Our body has a natural system that produces cannabinoids. CBD salves and tinctures work with those natural cannabinoid receptors to maintain homeostasis. This also regulates all of our systems beyond anti-inflammatory response, from anxiety and mood to immune system and sleep schedule.
  • 100% Total Refund: Chil Wellness has total faith in its products, which is why it offers a money-back guarantee. This allows you to try the products for up to 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Not Just For Athletes...

Even though Joanne’s story had a happy ending, this product, and the phenomenon of CBD have helped thousands all over the world. This company was started with love. One dad set off on a mission to stop suffering for his daughter. In the process, he helped countless others. This message of kindness and perseverance spoke to Joanne, whose own also family felt helpless dealing with chronic pain, and we’re.

That’s why it feels so good to know that Chil Wellness gives back to the affected communities - a portion of each purchase is donated to the arthritis foundation.

No matter how old you are, or where your pain comes from, there’s a bundle to make you feel lighter than air, starting today.

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