Just a few years after leaving school, Jamie Mckenna –a “below average student”, who worked a job in McDonald’s – joined popular Social Media site Reddit and opened an online trading account with just $300.

6-months later, he’d earned over $1,000,000, and has become one of the notorious “WallStreetBets” success stories - a community on Reddit that allows everyday “average Joes” to profit from trading stocks and shares - without any experience.

Despite having no previous experience with stocks, shares, or investments, Jamie managed to earn $4,000 just 7 days after first opening his account by using powerful trading software - readily available for free - and today, he can make thousands of dollars every day by simply placing the trades this incredible software recommends.

In a recent interview, the young entrepreneur revealed, at first, he’d never expected to make any money, and was just ‘having a laugh’.

“It started off as a bit of fun. WallStreetBets was just like any other Social Media community… there were a lot of memes being posted, lots of joking around, and lots of BS… but I started to notice that a lot of the people there were actually making a ton of money…

And they all recommended one trading platform that allowed anyone to profit from online trading - even if they’d never brought or sold a stock before in their life!

So… I joined the trading platform they all talked about and started trading. In my first month, I made around $15,000.

Today, Jamie’s one of thousands of - what the industry calls retail investors - and the WallStreetBets community on Reddit is filled with success stories just like his.

But how exactly can young, inexperienced people like Jamie earn tens of thousands of dollars buying and selling stocks… without ANY financial experience?

According to Jamie, it’s all thanks to an incredible software platform.

This online software allows anyone to see which trades experts are making - essentially letting users “copy” the same trades for themselves…

And already, this software has allowed thousands of young Americans to quit their jobs and earn thousands of dollars a week - despite having zero financial advice, and with many of them starting with an investment as low as a few hundred dollars.

Better yet, this software platform allows retail investors to purchase fractional shares. That means you can invest in major companies like Facebook and Google without having to buy full shares - you can invest as little as $1!

According to Jamie, he simply logs onto the trading platform each morning - sees which trades are being recommended - and places the same ones himself…

And he’s not the only one, telling us:

“I know probably 7 or 8 guys who are making more than $100,000 every month from home – not one of them has ever studied finance, worked in the industry, or traded before, and – just like me – they simply use this online trading platform to see which trades to place - and that’s it!”

While Jamie’s friends boast impressive numbers, Jamie admits his own journey hasn’t always been an easy ride:

“I remember this one day where I made $25,000 – the biggest profit I’d ever made in 24 hours. I ended up having a few beers, got a bit arrogant, and started making trades I should never have made. I lost every cent of that $25,00.”

He says he hasn’t made the same mistake since, and has maintained a daily profit by adopting a disciplined trading approach.

“Sure, it’s tempting to go crazy when you’re making thousands of dollars in a few minutes, but if you want to be profitable long-term, you can’t start gambling – I learnt my lesson, and since then, I’ve only had 2 or 3 losing days. That’s the power of this trading software - as long as you follow its advice, it’s almost impossible NOT to make a profit!”

We asked Jamie how our readers could start profitably trading themselves…

Here’s what he told us:

“Look, before I joined WallStreetBets on Reddit, I always assumed trading stocks and shares was something only the big guys on Wall Street could do - or those with millions of dollars to invest. But the reality is, you can start trading with a tiny amount of money… and, provided you use the powerful software trading platform I - and thousands of others use - it’s actually surprisingly easy to start making a profit.”

“You simply join the trading platform, deposit a small amount of money, and begin making the trades recommended by the software. Of course, you’re not going to win every trade - it’s important to only trade 2-5% of your portfolio on one trade, and to ONLY place the trades the software recommends… but provided you do just that, you simply can’t put a foot wrong - it’s how so many WallStreetBets members have managed to quit their jobs and earn thousands of dollars every week - in between playing their favorite video games!”

After independently verifying what Jamie had to say, we started to take a closer look at the trading software he was talking about…

And our research showed there really were thousands of internet users doing exactly what Jamie does - trading in their spare time and earning thousands of dollars every week.

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