A popular community on Social Media site Reddit - WallStreetBets - has been talked about continually in the news for the past few weeks, and it’s all to do with what happened with the rising share price of GameStop.

GameStop is one of the US’ biggest brick-and-mortar video game and console retailers… and in the past few months, it’s seen its share price go from as low as $2.57 a share to a staging $483!

At those levels, the WallStreetBets community enjoyed a gain of roughly 18,700%!

While the rise of GME’s share price involved a number of factors, experts point to an aggressive group of traders and casual investors from the WallStreetBets community on Reddit - many of whom are now multimillionaires and set for life.

Who are WallStreetBets… And What Did They Do?

WallStreetBets is a community of investors and traders on Reddit who frequently discuss potential trading opportunities - and last year, posts started to appear about GameStop.

Some savvy Social Media users noticed that many big Wall Street hedge funds had shorted the company - essentially betting the share price would drop…

And by coming together and buying GameStop stocks, the WallStreetBets community were able to drive the price of the stock up - costing the hedge funds billions of dollars, and making many of the retail investors millions of dollars in the process.

As Kiplinger notes:

“WSB realized that if they bought en masse, they could deal a blow to the "smart money" shorting GameStop stock. The subreddit's short-squeeze strategy has claimed at least one pelt so far. Melvin Capital, one of GME's most prominent shorts, was forced to take a $2.75 billion bailout from a couple of other hedge funds. Well known short seller Andrew Left said Jan. 27 that his Citron Research had covered the majority of its short position at a 100% loss, but it still maintains a small position.”

How Did WallStreetBets Members Make So Much Money?

While some of the users in WallStreetBets are expert investors, the vast majority of users are casual, inexperienced traders… with many investing just a few hundred dollars into the GameStop saga.

These few hundred dollar investments, however, proved incredibly lucrative for many users, with some showing tens of thousands of dollars in gains

And many users ended up making millions of dollars - changing their lives forever and allowing them to quit their jobs and take “early retirement” - in their 20s!

We got in touch with some of the WallStreetBets members, asking how they were able to make their trades - and generate such substantial profits…

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