The last few weeks has seen a lot of interest around GameStop, after investors from the Reddit board WallStreetBets managed to drive up the company’s stock price significantly…

And for the first time in history, regular, everyday traders - even those with zero experience - are able to take on Wall Street and enjoy a share of the profit’s for themselves.

The GameStop Saga Explained

Some of the world’s wealthiest hedge fund managers have lost billions of dollars thanks to a Reddit community - and it all surrounds the video game retailer called GameStop.

A community on the popular Social Media site called WallStreetBets realized that hedge fund managers and billionaire investors had been heavily short selling GameStop’s stock - essentially predicting its value would decrease…

But, by coming together and trading vast quantities of the stock, the Reddit community managed to drive the price of the stock up…

Causing these hedge funds to lose billions - and allowing casual, retail traders to profit - some, making millions of dollars in the process.

What Is Short Selling - and How Were Retail Traders Able To Take Advantage Of It?

Short selling is a tactic used by hedge fund managers and investors who are essentially predicting that a stock’s value will go down.

These short sellers borrow shares of a stock. They usually borrow from a broker-dealer. Later on, they’ll go on to sell them at the current market price.

However, they must, at some point in time, buy back those shares - and return them.

This means that if a stock’s value has decreased, those who shorted the stocks will turn a profit - as they get to buy back the shares at a discounted price, before giving them back to the broker - and pocketing the difference.

However, if a stock’s value increases, these short sellers are still required to give back the shares - and this means they have to end up buying them back for more money than they originally sold them for…

Losing money - just like we saw in the last few weeks with GameStop.

But how did so many retail traders - many with just a few hundred dollars - manage to cripple some of the world’s biggest hedge funds and short sellers?

It’s a question that’s asked a lot…

“Don’t You Need Thousands Of Dollars To Make Money On The Stock Market?”

In the past - yes.

Traditionally, buying - trading - and selling stocks requires you to have significant capital to invest… especially as brokerages charge steep commissions on trades - making it essentially pointless when investing small amounts of money.

Depending on the broker, it used to cost $4.95 to $6.95 every time a stock position was bought or sold, which could amount to hundreds or even thousands in investment returns over time.

However, the recent events with GameStop have proved that even those with small amounts to invest can enjoy significant profits...

And it’s all thanks to something called zero-commission trading.

What Is Zero-Commission Trading and How Does It Work?

Zero-commission trading is an ideal way for investors - especially beginners, or those with limited capital - to start buying and selling stocks and shares…

And that’s because you don’t pay any fees or commissions to buy or sell shares - allowing you to keep 100% of the profits and invest much smaller amounts of money.

Better yet, many of the zero-commission brokerages allow you to buy fractional shares - so you can invest in major companies like Facebook, Apple and Google without needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars…

And you simply join a zero-commission trading platform, choose which stocks you’d like to buy - and invest!

“Sounds Great - But How Do I Know Which Shares To Buy?”

Thankfully, one of the MAJOR benefits of zero-commission trading platforms is that they allow you to see the trades the world’s top investors are making…

And all YOU need to do is “mimic” these trades for yourself, buying as much of a stock as you like - and selling (making a profit) if it rises.

Of course, you can also use Social Media sites like Reddit to see what other expert traders are recommending…

But we’ve managed to partner up with a trading platform that offers 100% free advice on the BEST trades to make...

So you don’t need ANY experience to begin making a profit and getting your slice of the action.

How Much Money Do YOU Need To Get Started?

Because zero-commission trading platforms allow you to invest in fractional shares - like many did with GameStop - you don’t need anywhere near the amount of money you probably think.

In fact… you can start trading with as little as $250!

(And consider, for a moment, that some early GameStop traders spend just a few hundred dollars, before seeing their investment become worth tens of thousands!)

Of course, start with more money, and you’ll earn more money, faster – but it’s really not necessary, and we recommend new traders start with between $250, and $500.

Follow the right trading tips - and don’t go too crazy on a single trade - and after just a couple of weeks, that figure can easily grow into four-figures!

Want To Earn An Additional Income Trading Online For Yourself?

If so – then you don’t need to waste money on programs and courses. Look; if your goal is to become a die-hard financial investor, who analyses all areas of the stock market…

Then by all means, invest thousands of dollars - and hours - in programs… and hope you’ll pick up the experience you need to trade on your own…

But be aware that it’ll likely be years before you’re experienced enough to trade profitably – and you’re going to need thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars to get started.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to earn $1,000… $2,000… or $5,000 extra a month – then you don’t need any of that stuff. Instead, simply create an account at a licensed, reputable, REGULATED zero-commission trading platform…

And begin trading using the tips and trading suggestions provided!

Here’s how you can get started yourself:

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Step #2 Choose How Much To Invest:

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Step #3 Begin Trading:

Choosing the right trade is – understandably – the most worrisome part of trading online. However, as long as you follow recommended trades - and don’t try and read the market yourself - you’ll have no problems turning a profit.

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