Want to make money without leaving home during the coronavirus pandemic? Or do you want to figure out ways to make money online so that you can fund your travels and wildest dreams when coronavirus subsides?

QuantumAI—a smart investing platform dedicated to helping people live and travel abroad—has just issued an insightful new report on the popularity of online trading and why so many millennials are quitting their jobs and joining the world of working from home.

$8.6 Trillion is traded every single day

Online trading has become increasingly popular, especially in recent times with an estimated $8.6 trillion traded globally during each 24-hour period in 2020.

In April 2020, QuantamAI had over 134,440 new sign ups. A whopping 446% increase from the year before. The reason behind the insane growth? People wanting to work from home and control their own hours and income. All this data was collected through a user feedback survey QuantamAI sent out to their entire client database.

No experience needed

The easy access to lucrative online opportunities is what is attracting so many beginners to the world of online trading. Now that there is a huge demand for easier to use platforms, companies like Quantum AI are constantly working with focus groups around the world to get user feedback and implement a more friendlier experience.

“Everything is automated. It’s nothing like you see in the movies where one person is sitting in front of a computer and desk all day. Trading nowadays is done by robots and computers, they are the ones making the decisions for you.”

$200 a day challenge at 18-years old

When the pandemic hit Erick Stroneman’s family and both his parents were out of work, he knew he had to figure something out. After spending the whole week researching on how to make money online, he came across a Reddit forum promoting QuantumAI, a smart investing platform that automates the process of buying and selling stocks.

“QuantumAI suggested buying Royal Carribean Cruise (NYSE: RCL) stock when it was at $33/share. In less than 2 months, after selling it back at $65, I made over $9,000 which is 3x my salary.”

According to Erik, he has reinvested all of his winning back into purchasing more stocks with QuantamAI and is generating $200 a day since May 2020.

Erik, who lives with his mom, Anna, 66, a school custodian, and his sister, Anita 34, said “It’s a proven source of income for millions of people. There is a reason over $8 trillion is traded everywhere from beginner investors to major banks”.

What do you need to get started?

A basic understanding of stocks, internet connection, and an hour each day. The journey from signing up to a trading platform to actually being able to trade has been made incredibly easy due to the competitive industry. Platforms like QuantamAI are constantly updating their user interface and features to make the onboarding experience easier and friendlier.

“Our goal is to get your grandma to sign up and have her trading stocks in less than an hour. That is honestly what is discussed in our meetings”. Says Paul Dasani, CEO of QuantamAI.

As far as how much to invest, we can’t help you there but a good start would be somewhere north of $500. It's a small risk compared to the potential return on investment and it will get you actively involved in an industry that is not just emerging but exploding.

Why do we recommend QuantamAI?

As a specialty blog dedicated to giving you transparent reviews on financial market applications, our main mission is to equip you with the best, newest, and most innovative financial tools in the industry, to better help you become more successful.

QuantamAI is Europe’s largest trading platform and offers true 0% commission trading, same day withdrawals, and 24/5 live customer support.