First-ever Brit to score deal on Shark Tank grew up poor, nearly died, and then built a $75 million company.

Jack Miller, 25, won over the big wig investors of Shark Tank with his incredible tear-jerking backstory last Thursday (Jan 2).

The London native, who described himself as “a kid in love with technology” on the show, was born and bread in London.

US Business Magazine Inc reported that the young entrepreneur managed to land a £1 million deal with Shark Tank’s most prominent investors, Kevin O’Leary in exchange for a 5 per cent stake in her company, which he said had a valuation of US£75 million. Miller was originally looking for a £500,000 deal in exchange for 5 per cent equity in his revolutionary app, QuantamAI. His London-based company has created a way for anyone with an internet connection to generate ‘guaranteed macro profits’ through machine learning trading technology -- sounds crazy right?

According to Business Magazine Inc, QuantamAI software generated its members over £79 million in side income last year. That’s an average of £35 per day profit, per user.

The money making app is being hailed as Wall Street’s biggest nightmare as it uses the same machine learning technology the world’s biggest banks use to trade on financial markets.

All users have to do is create an account, verify you are a real person, and connect your bank account. And with a single click of a button, the software will begin to trade whatever amount you have told it to do. The software uses innovative machine learning technology that only makes trades when it’s 99% sure that it’ll be profitable.

QuantamAI is one of the safest investments in the world. Our technology and machine learning algorithms will only execute a trade if it’s 99% sure it will be profitable. On some days you may see the software trade once because it is waiting for the right opportunity and other days you will see the software trade 100 times, especially in market volatility.” Miller explained to the Sharks.”

Miller shared in the show that he grew up incredibly poor as an orphan in London. When he turned 18 and was faced with having to leave the orphanage, he came across another dilemma, he did not have the money to go to university.

Miller then told the investors about how he managed to survive, got through graduate school, land a job with a six-figure salary and help out every week at the local soup kitchen.

The emotional story even brought tears to the eyes of “Mr Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary who is known for being mean and blunt.

“This app represents to everybody around the world who watches this show that there are still good companies out there that want to make the lives of others better,'' Kevin O’Leary told Miller. “This app is absolutely amazing and it’s going to change the world”.

On his deal, Miller said later via an Instagram post that when he was walking into the tank that “Mark and Kevin were our dream sharks, but we didn’t think it was possible to get an offer from both.”

What do you need to get started?

A basic understanding of stocks, internet connection, and an hour each day. The journey from signing up to a trading platform to actually being able to trade has been made incredibly easy due to the competitive industry. Platforms like QuantamAI are constantly updating their user interface and features to make the onboarding experience easier and friendlier.

“Our goal is to get your grandma to sign up and have her trading stocks in less than an hour. That is honestly what is discussed in our meetings”. Says Paul Dasani, CEO of QuantamAI.

As far as how much to invest, we can’t help you there but a good start would be somewhere north of $500. It's a small risk compared to the potential return on investment and it will get you actively involved in an industry that is not just emerging but exploding.

Why do we recommend QuantamAI?

As a specialty blog dedicated to giving you transparent reviews on financial market applications, our main mission is to equip you with the best, newest, and most innovative financial tools in the industry, to better help you become more successful.

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