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Make your Yoni Happy

Take your feminine wellness to the next level by focusing on what truly matters!

  • Replenish Your Body

    Feminine wellness is imperative for EVERY woman. A vaginal detox will purge the bad and restore the good.

  • Meet the Divine You

    Experience your body in a way you've never felt before! Detoxing your lady parts also provides benefits for the mind, helping to regulate mood and stress levels.

  • Feel The Magic

    Following a vaginal detox, you are likely to have reduced stress, reduced cramps, a healthier & regular cycle, as well as improved fertility.

The Complete Package

  • Steam therapy

    Tighten and rejuvenate your yoni with our all-natural steam therapy.

  • Pearl therapy

    Cleanse and heal your Yoni and womb from toxins which may be inhibiting healthy functions within your body.

  • Yoni balance

    Balance your Ph and improve intimacy with our yoni balance supplements

Yoni Balance Benefits

Our best-selling Yoni Balance supplements offer you a way to quickly and easily improve vaginal health with minimal efforts.

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    We Use Kacip Fatimah

    A phytoestrogen plant estrogen which tightens the yoni and a loose uterus. Often used after childbirth. (Contains NO manjakani)

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    Our Yoni Balance supplements offer PH balance for your yoni, even when you don't know that you need it.

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    Improved Intimacy

    Women who consistently use our Yoni Balance supplements have reported a much healthier and frequent sex life.

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    We only use high quality, natural ingredients for the safest and most efficient results.

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    Increased Vaginal Wetness

    With our Yoni Balance supplements, you will experience more natural lubrication in all the right places, more often.

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    Stronger Bladder

    Our customers have reported that after using Yoni Balance supplements they've had less urgency to urinate and fewer bathroom trips!

Women Lve us

  • Loved This Product!

    I didn't think I needed anything but after hearing about these products from a friend, I decided to give the bundle a try. I felt a noticeable difference within just a couple weeks. Now, I can't survive without my subscription!

  • Totally Shocked!

    After only a few days of using the Yoni Balance supplements, I noticed my vaginal dryness was gone and things felt better below the belt. My partner was pleasantly surprised. I love my Feminine Rituals products!

  • I've Used Similar Products Before...

    I have purchased steams and supplements for my yoni from other companies after having my last natural birth and nothing has worked like my Female Ritual bundle. my last product actually made me a bit drier than normal and I didn't notice many other benefits. With my Female Ritual Bundle, I noticed a difference within the first couple days and no negative side effects! I highly recommend

  • Take my money!

    I was able to initially try this product for free and fell in love with the Yoni Balance supplements. Now, I can't live without my steam and pearls! And the value within the bundle is insane with the Sage and Paolo Santo included


The Total Package

Treat your yoni and your soul to the ultimate detox bundle! This package includes a Yoni steam seat, Steam Therapy, Moon Therapy, Calm Therapy, Yoni Pearls, Palo Santo Sticks, and White Sage Sticks.