The Next Apocalypse: Is Cell Phone Addiction & EMF Creating Zombies


Has your cell phone become an extension of your hand?

We all know that cell phones have become something that we can’t live without. It’s the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we set down beside our beds at night.

If that describes the relationship with your phone, don’t worry, we won't judge you. As most of us cannot imagine a life without this essential device. It keeps us in touch with loved ones, up to date on world events, and sometimes acts as a lifeline to our career and social settings.

It's no wonder that it has become a challange to unchain ourselves from our phones. Stats from “Epidemic Mobile Addiction, 2020” show that cell phone addiction has increased by 87% in the past few years!

Technology is amazing but it’s also darn-right addicting and unfortunately, it causes us to turn into tech-zombies.

Take millennials or teens for example; have you ever tried to take their phones away only to hear them protesting and screaming against it? This is a definite hallmark sign to the beginning stages of cell phone addictions!

So...does this mean technology is going to turn us all into zombies? ...Maybe not. But, it’s definitely making us feel like one.

Even Elon Musk, the tech-mogul himself preaches that us humans have become an extension of technology, maybe not zombies yet..but definite cyborgs!

Musk states; “You have a digital version of yourself, a partial version of yourself online in the form of your emails, your social media, and all the things that you do. We already have "super powers," you have more power than the president of the United States had 20 years ago. You can answer any question, you can video conference with anyone, anywhere. You can send messages to millions of people instantly. Just do incredible things." But that’s only the start...”

This is a great illustration that demonstrates our current modern day reality. There’s no denying that our dependency on technology has become prominent. Of course with this type of reliancy and easy access to technology, we in turn become tech-addicts.

So, Are Tech-Addicts Turning Into Brainless Zombies?

Unfortunately, zombie movies may NEVER come to fruition - as much as we (deep down) hope they do. However, we are definitely showing signs of being “Smombies.”

*Smombies is a term used to describe people who walk slowly, unaware of their surroundings because they are too focused upon their phones. Even safety regulations have been placed due to this phenomena.

However, this is not the only thing we have to worry about. Cell phone addiction and strong reliability on technology has perpetuated a bigger problem! This problem is called - electromagnetic radiation, short for EMF Waves. This has been shown to deter our health.

1 in 3 Americans experience electromagnetic radiation everyday, and it’s causing damage to their health without them even knowing.

Look around - cell phones all have modern elements that are built to have instant and wireless access. You can connect up to 10+ features to your cell phone. This type of interface lets you control your tv/alexa/wifi/ac and so much more! However, all of these features send out toxic waves called - EMF.

We understand that cell phones and technology are a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. It is something that few of us can live without even if the addiction is causing us to become zombies. Like all good things, we can preach moderation as a solution... But that’s not really a viable reality in today’s modern world.

Instead, let’s learn about the ways that you can protect yourself from getting that oozing-zombie-brain. And ‘no’ we don’t mean fashioning a hat out of tinfoil to protect your brain from radiation.

...and here we thought that cell-phone addictions were our only problem!

Wondering What EMF Feels Like?

Scientific-research has shown that cell phones and technology in general emit a toxic radiation called EMF, this in turn causes deterrence to our health. Some individuals may even experience symptoms of decreasing health without realizing that it's caused by their technology’s wavelengths.

Here are some scenarios people report experiencing EMF:

  • “I feel terrible after talking on my cell phone”
  • “My whole body heats up”
  • “I get awful headaches”
  • “I have trouble sleeping at night”
  • “I get nauseous after being on my computer all day”
  • “My head feels dizzy and it takes a minute to stop seeing spots”
  • “I get all shaky and my anxiety feels increased after spending a few hours being online.”

Signs can start being apparent when you spend too much time staring at the screen and start to experience headaches or nausea. It has been noted that many gamers, individuals in tech careers, and students are all at a special risk of contracting EMF. Due to them spending an extended amount of time in front of a screen. Some people even enter a state of brain fog as they lose sight of things around them...and these are only short-term health effects that have been reported.

Also studies have shown that families living near cell phone towers or those with a lot of in-home gadgets like Alexa, Wi-Fi, Home Control Security, etc all experience EMF problems.

So.. What is EMF?

Chances are, there’s EMF radiation floating around you right now. Not from one device in particular, but a combination of all the technology that surrounds you. EMF radiation can be emitted from cell towers, your laptop, smart TV, Alexa, wifi router, Google Home, your neighbours wifi routers, and everything else around you that is connected to the internet!

The most shocking part - this never stops. EMF waves surround us 24/7, hitting your body and brain - and it never shuts off.

“I’m working from home and I’m constantly in front of a screen for multiple hours in the day.When I do take a break, I’m usually on my phone scrolling through social media. At night I turn on my smart tv and watch some shows on Netflix and wonder to myself why can’t I fall asleep? I’ve tried to unplug my WiFi router and charge my phone in the other room...but I wonder what’s stopping those cell towers from hitting my bedroom walls?” These are the types of questions that are asked regarding EMF. We know that it has become a serious problem and signs of long-term health implications is a real-deal.

However, this EMF patented protection has been helping people since 2008! As it has seen a huge increase in awareness from families and individuals that want to protect their loved ones.

As Benjamin Franklin once said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

How can you disagree with that?

Well, a technology company took this problem and came up with a solution!

12 Years and $20,000,000 later -- This technology company not only studied the health impacts of EMF radiation on our bodies, but also developed the solution to all of our EMF worries! -- you can breathe a little easier because all that work may have just saved us all from turning into digital zombies!

Aires Tech is a patent technology that is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by data transmitting electronic devices such as Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Bluetooth Earpieces, Bluetooth headsets, Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, Wi-Fi Routers, etc.

The Aires Guardian design is nothing short of inspiring and amazing.

Since the company’s stock went public, investors have raced to support the science behind the innovation after it was named 2020’s Tech Gadget of the Year.

Let’s step back and look at the Aire Guardian. It isn’t some fly-by-night trendy tech. In fact, as stated previously it took 12 years of research and over $20 million dollars funded by R&D to launch the award-winning science. They state, “we are offering a safety barrier between the consumer and the device and that’s very powerful for people.”

Believe it or not, but the solution to this global health concern could be as easy as carrying this device on you to maintain a protective electromagnetic barrier that is synchronized with our bodies own electromagnetic levels.

The company behind the award-winning EMF protection brand is Aires Tech. Their team of scientists, researchers, and tech advisors have developed a revolutionary nanotechnology device that is built to reduce our exposure to harmful EMF radiation, without having to ditch our tech addiction.

Protecting more than 100,000+ families and having spent 12 years developing the award-winning product line, Aires Tech. This protective EMF technology company has been founded since 2008 and wanted to bring a scientifically-backed solution. In order to help families, consumers, and tech users to have a peace of mind when it comes to the emerging health concerns that are emitted by EMF radiation.

Upon discovering the lack of products that reduce the exposure to man-made radiation, the founders of Aires became concerned.

The products that were being offered by other companies lacked any real scientifically proven solution. Obviously, there was a need for a genuine solution. In response, Aires Tech was born!

It provides 24/7 protection from electromagnetic radiation, anywhere you go. Some customers can even enjoy an entire day free of toxic EMF for the very first time - something most had never experienced in a long time.

Owners of Aires Tech can carry their new nanotech devices with them wherever they go! Always having a peace of mind that not only is it scientifically backed, but a team of scientists worked 12 years on this to create the appropriate protection from those harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Here’s How Aires Tech Can Protect You!

The scary thing is that EMF, may be doing further damage to us over a longer period of time, and could be even more harmful to children and elderly. With the potential to cause serious physical problems. Also, the cost of health care can become staggering. However, with Aires Tech, you’ll be able to protect your long-term health all at a fraction of the cost.

These are some symptoms individuals experienced from EMF radiation:

  • Fatigue: Feeling wiped out at the end of the day
  • Muscle Aches: General all-over achiness or maybe just a pain in the neck or some other targeted muscle.
  • Headache: Headaches can vary in intensity from a full-blown migraine to just a dull headache.
  • Memory Loss: We aren’t talking full-blown cognitive decline but simple forgetfulness - where did I put my car keys?
  • Lack of Concentration: Are you having a hard time following a movie plot or rereading one sentence five times without grasping the meaning? Maybe your mind is just off in LaLa land.
  • Irritability: Do you feel short-tempered with your partner or kids? Maybe just the neighbors dog barking is enough to send you into a fit. If your nerves are on edge then you are suffering from irritability.

Research is ongoing, but there are links to the following serious conditions:

  • Cancer
  • DNA Damage
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive Problems

There’s also a community of EMF-sensitive, yes, EMF-sensitive people that are diagnosed with EHS - electromagnetic health sensitive. Countries like Sweden, Norway, and Belgium have experienced these medical diagnoses. That's why it’s important to start taking care of your health today with Aires Tech that is specifically designed to protect you from EMF radiation.

How Does Aires Tech Work?

There have been numerous studies that were performed on individuals aged from 18 to 70 years, that showed proven effectiveness of Aries' product technology.

  • 1)
  • The structure and physical effects makes Aires a reliable and coherent transformer that blocks EMF radiation. Through this technology, the radiation is counteracted from external sources.
  • 2)
  • It is able to neutralize the EMF particles that are found in technological devices and the human body.
  • 3)
  • Thus, using Aires Tech not only blocks the EMF radiation, however, it also neutralizes the body from the fatal wavelengths. This restores the device or body back to its original form.

Aires Tech has published over 20+ scientific research papers and studies that all prove the effectiveness of this patented technology. It is highly regarded in the scientific community and has been called a scientific breakthrough.

As we have learned, EMF is dangerous for our health and it’s causing an imbalance in our natural electromagnetic frequency.

That’s right, EMF is also naturally produced in our bodies and it's associated with nerve and muscle activity. However, when our natural frequencies are mixed with man-made radiations it alters our whole health.

Here’s what our brains look like under the microscope due to man-made radiation:

Aires Tech Reduces Toxic EMF, and instead produces:

  • 1)
  • Increased energy resources to resist infections, especially airborne viruses
  • 2)
  • Enhances cognitive health
  • 3)
  • Boosts synchronization of the central nervous system
  • 4)
  • Renews person’s mental and emotional state

Latest News On Aires Tech:

Months prior, Aires had investors racing to participate in their IPO on the Canadian Stock Exchange. The company is now up and trading under the symbol WIFI - investors from all over the world can now own a share in this proprietary manufacturing process. This EMF protective nanotechnology is breaking records not only in the scientific community but also in the business world.

Aires Tech, is a brand that’s spreading awareness and to making our world a safer place. It has recently launched a 2020 product line that has advanced EMF protection for 5G waves.

Protect yourself and your loved ones, with these 3 main products:

  • 1)
  • Aires Shield - Protects Your Devices
  • 2)
  • Aires Defender - Protects Your Personal Space
  • 3)
  • Aires Guardian - Protects Your Living Space

Tristan Harris, a former design ethicist who worked at Google and who now serves as the executive director and co-founder (alongside Robert McNamee) of the Center for Human Technology wants to push the industry in a positive direction. Ideally, the path should lead to “technology that protects our minds and replenishes society.” Luckily, this is great news for anyone who’s looking to be tech-conscious as Aires Guardian is a step in the right direction on protecting your mind and health.

Just check out what Aires Tech customers are saying:

Referring to EMR radiation, one supporter of the Aires Guardian says, “I am health sensitive to wireless radiation and the lack of medically backed products in the market makes it extremely difficult to live. I get headaches, insomnia, and drastic mood swings. I’ve been a lifelong customer of AiresTech since they first came onto the market and I’m so glad to see people finally recognizing this company and supporting health-conscious causes.”

You can sign up to the company’s community by clicking here. Currently, Aires Tech is offering the public an exclusive and limited time offer!

Here’s a message from Aires Tech’s company spokesperson, “We believe the world is in most need of protection now more than ever. We aim to help #ProtectOurWorld by offering our biggest discounts to date and flexible payment plans to make protection more affordable. Go EMF-FREE today, and pay us later.”.

Aires Tech “PROTECT OUR WORLD” Limited Time Offers - take up to 50% off + complimentary products and free shipping on select orders.


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To join the Aires movement and directly support the company’s mission to bring this protection to the masses, visit their page here.

  • Jared S.

I definitely feel a difference with this product. As a person who's been cleaning themselves up internally and externally, I've noticed I've been more sensitive to EMF and I could notice the effects having my cell phone near me was doing. I got Aires Tech from a blogsite and honestly now I have the guard on all my devices. I even noticed that I finally can fall asleep faster - this used to be a huge problem for me. Also, I no longer get brain fog after spending 5 hours on my computer. Get it, you wont regret it!

  • Zack K.

I did tests on myself where I put the phone on airplane mode to see if there was any differences and there was a big difference, no more tension in those areas! I could feel a significant reduction in the effects my phone would usually have on me. Based on my assessment, I would say it reduced the effects of my phone's EMF by 90-95% and I feel a lot more free to carry my phone on me. I no longer feel pain and the thought of toxicity entering my body!

  • Jenny F.

Love it, I've been told to get one by my Dr. as I've been experiencing nausea and spins for some time now. And I would say that I DO see the difference, seriously! My brain doesn't feel burning when I use my phone and this shield is super protective that I noted my energy level has balanced itself out because I no longer feel drained by my constant technology.