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An Affordable Power
Outage Solution

Be prepared for anything with Eternalight.

Stay Safe
During Blackouts

Protect Your
Loved Ones

Save Thousands
of Dollars

100% money back guarantee
on electricity bills

As Seen On

“I wish I had” Or
“I’m glad I did”?

What would you like to say when you look back a month from now during a power outage?

Trusted by expert survivalists,
families with children,
& elders

To date, we’ve already had over 19,000+ people use EternaLight and helped save them millions in power bills, unnecessary risks, & stress

1 Year Guarantee.

100% money back guarantee

The Benefits

Protect Your Loved Ones

Have uninvited guests back off from your property & protect yourself from any mental & physical health harm caused by power failures.


The small, but super-efficient, NASA-inspired solar panels on the sides of EternaLight allow it to charge even when NOT connected to a power socket.

Heard A Funny Noise Out Back?

Simply unscrew EternaLight and take it with you as a flashlight to check out what’s going on.

Perfect Gift For The Elderly &
Families With Kids

Minimize the risks that come with roaming in the dark. Dual usage as an everyday light makes it so practical.


Set & Forget

EternaLight has 22x times the lifespan of regular light bulbs. And it lasts at least 25,000 hours.


Save Up To 80% In Light
Electricity Bills

Using EternaLight as a regular light bulb could cut your light electrical bills by up to 80%


Cuts Crime by 39%

A major study found that outdoor lighting cuts crime by 39% and when the burglar sees strong lights during a blackout -- they’ll certainly back off.

100% money back guarantee

Never go without
light again

  • Light up a campsite by hanging on tree or rope
  • Read a book in the dark
  • Lights inside of tent, hang it or lay on ground
  • Power outages at home or office
  • Keep in your car, boat or RV
  • Must have item for your 'bug out bag'
  • Light up a backyard party
  • Can be used as a torch
  • Can be hung anywhere
  • Suitable for outdoor use

EternaLight is lightweight, rechargeable,
weatherproof and uses a patented battery & solar
panels so it’s hyper-portable!

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Home Lights On

Home Lights On

Safety light bulb still works

Home Lights On

Power outages
could cost you more
than $313,622

Stay Safe During Blackouts. Protect your loved ones.
Save Thousands of Dollars.

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Vs. EternaLight

You could save more
than 24,124 times
the cost of EternaLight!

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Customers Love Us


  • Equivalent light as a 60-watt LED light bulb
  • AC Mode = 800 LED Lumens of bright white light
  • DC Mode = 500 Lumens of bright white light
  • LED Lifespan = 25,000 Hours (~17 years 2 months
    of light at 4 hour usage daily)
  • Input Voltage: 120 VACS
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • TUV Certified
  • Energy efficient, uses 80% less energy than
    incandescent lights
  • Suitable for anywhere in the home
  • 22x the lifespan of regular light bulbs
  • Patented NASA-inspired solar panels to charge WITHOUT electricity
  • 6 hour battery life
  • Regular bulb size
  • Rechargeable
  • Compatibility - fits in ANY
    light socket
  • Power outage sensor
  • Removable hook
    integrated into the base
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Protect the

The US produces 79% of its electricity from coal... compared to some European countries that produce less than 1% from coal. Cutting electricity usage WITHOUT changing your lifestyle could have staggering effects on the environment.

Furthermore, a regular light bulb emits 18mg of mercury. And as we all know, contact with mercury leads to soil poisoning & health complications. EternaLight has ZERO mercury emissions.

Additionally, it takes up to 6,000 gallons of water to produce regular light bulbs -- enough water to satisfy the needs of 10,000 people!

Finally, 800,000 cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions could be saved if each US family replaced only ONE of their lights with EternaLight. Just imagine how better the air would be


energy efficient bulb


cost savings

cost savings


CO  savings
(Natural Gas)

CO  savings

932 lbs
1,655 lbs
2,480 lbs
4,408 lbs
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Revolutionary Blackout
Proof EternaLight

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365 Day Guarantee

We understand you might be skeptical. How could a light save you thousands of dollars, hours of
worries, and help protect you from uninvited guests?

You’ve seen the research. EternaLight works. And by the time you read this, it has already
changed the lives of thousands of others.

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Be prepared
for anything!

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100% money back guarantee