Protect Your Finances - Stop Digital Thieves From Scanning Your Credit Cards!

RFID & NFC Blocking Card is designed to protect your credit card information from digital thieves.

"I travel a lot for work so I feel like I'm vulnerable to digital thieves. However, the Guard Card is giving me peace of mind. I feel like my wallet is encased in armor so I'm always protected no matter where I go. "

  • Janae Randolph

Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Credit Card Information!

Stop worrying about having your credit card information stolen. The Guard Card Protects your info from digital criminals.

You might think that your credit cards are safe in your wallet or purse but it takes a digital thief seconds to use an RFID scanner to obtain your credit card information. They can initiate the scan without ever physically touching you. Once they have your scanned information, they can quickly gain access to your private information.

The GuardCard fits into your wallet and automatically creates a barrier to keep your credit card information safe and secure.

Secure Your Life

Gain Peace of Mind by Stopping Digital Thieves Robbing From You


The GuardCard effortlessly scrambles and blocks the signals used by the RFID/NFC readers.


Place the GuardCard in your wallet next to our credit and debit cards for fast and easy protection.


Carry the GuardCard next to your credit or debit cards in your wallet or purse. Its small, compact size makes it virtually unnoticeable.

Military Grade RFID Jamming Technology

GuardCard offers military grade RFID jamming technology that is virtually impenetrable to keep your credit cards safe and secure

Stop! Don't waste money on bulky RFID Wallets - Instead get this awesome credit card sized GuardCard

Over 280,000 customers who are committed to keeping themselves safe.



The GuardCard is a revolutionary device that effectively keeps your credit and debit card information secure.

"I had my credit cards stolen last year. It was a headache canceling them all and waiting for new ones to be issued. I'm so happy I found the GuardCard to keep my personal information private. "

Janae Randolph
Age 40, New York

"Identity and credit card thieves are everywhere waiting to attack you at your most vulnerable. All I did was go to the grocery store and they obtained my debit card info. "

Janae Randolph
Age 40, New York

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frequently asked questions

  • How will my order be delivered to me?

    Your GuardCard is shipped safely to your house in a basic envelope with instructions on use.

  • Will this card card set off alarms in stores?

    The Guard Card will not set off any alarms. No one will know you even have it. Just discreetly tuck it into your wallet beside your debit and credit cards.

  • How will my order be delivered to me?

    What type of wallet works best for the GuardCard? The GuardCard is the same size as a credit or debit card so it will fit into any wallet or card storage section of your purse.

  • Will this card card set off alarms in stores?

    How many credit cards will a single Guard Card protect? Our Guard Cards protect any credit or debit cards that's located within a 5 centimeter radius of its casing.

  • How many GuardCards are required to fully protect a stack of bank cards?

    Does the GuardCard affect the magnetic stripws on my credit cards or my cellphone?
    No, the GuardCard will not affect your credit cards or cellphone.

Start Protecting Your Finances Today!

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