The Sweetener in Hemp Oil that’s Pure Poison for Pets

Hemp oil has been flying from the shelves in recent years. Yet for thousands of pets, the trend is proving deadly.

Some say hemp oil is a health revolution.

That just a few drops can relieve a pet’s aches and strains, calm their mind, and even support a healthy immune system.

In fact, a quick search on YouTube reveals tons of stories of pet owners who’ve seen remarkable health transformations thanks to this plant based oil.

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But there’s also a darker side to the hemp health revolution.

Because many hemp oils are making pets sick. And NOT because they’re getting them ‘high’.

The Toxic Sweetener Pet Owners Must Check For

Check the label of many hemp oils and you’ll find an innocent sounding ingredient called ‘xylitol’.

It’s a type of sweetener. And it’s added to make the oil taste nice.

For humans it’s harmless. But for pets it is pure poison.

Ingesting xylitol causes a rapid and massive insulin release in dogs,” says Ahna Brutlag from Pet Poison Helpline, “which will manifest itself outwardly to a pet owner as acute weakness, staggering, and vomiting. Within 15 to 20 minutes, they might even be comatose.”

Ahna’s description sounds like every pet owner’s worst nightmare. Yet the danger is all too real. Because once a pet gets poisoned with xylitol, there’s almost nothing a pet owner can do.

The only option is rush to the nearest vet. The vet will then try to induce vomiting so the pet spits the xylitol out.

If that doesn’t work, the vet will attach an IV drip to get the pet’s blood sugar down. Even then, months of liver tests and heavy medications may follow.

Xylitol poisoning is up 930%

Sadly, too few pet owners know about the lethal threat of xylitol. According to the Poison Pet Helpline, cases of xylitol poisoning have exploded in the last decade.

In 2009 there were just 300 cases. But in 2015, as many as 2,800 pets were poisoned with xylitol.

This is a massive 930% rise. And with the rocketing popularity of hemp oils, the figure is now likely to be even higher.

Because it only takes a tiny amount of xylitol to wreak havoc to a fur baby’s health: As little as 0.05 grams per pound of bodyweight.

So before giving a pet ANY type of hemp oil, it’s wise to check for this lethal sweetener.

Or better yet, avoid oils containing weird sounding additives altogether.

But that’s easier said than done.

Hemp oil is largely unregulated.

And it can be tough for pet owners to know which hemp oils are made responsibly, and which are loaded with contaminants.

The good news is there’s an easy way to find out.

Always Check for a Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) verifies that a hemp oil has been tested by a third party for purity. And it proves that a hemp oil only contains ingredients approved safe for pets.

Leading the field in COA verified hemp oils is Honest Paws.

Over the years, Honest Paws has become well known among pet owners for the purity and quality of its hemp oil products.

Its hemp oils are made from organic hemp with ZERO chemical additives.

This means zero xylitol, zero gluten, and zero GMOs. Just hemp from the finest organic hemp farms of Colorado.

In fact, their hemp oils are such high quality that Forbes magazine said Honest Paws makes “products that the competition can't even come close to."

How Hemp Oil Works

Despite all the stories of pet owners seeing remarkable improvements in their pet’s health thanks to hemp oil, many pet owners remain skeptical.

And it’s understandable why.

Because scientists have yet to fully explain how hemp oil works.

Right now, the best understanding is that hemp oil’s soothing powers come from compounds called ‘cannabinoids’.

These cannabinoids are thought to interact with the pet’s nervous system in a positive way.

This includes calming the receptors that transmit messages from the joints, and even supporting the health of receptors in the brain.

But while the jury is out on how hemp oil works, all that matters to the countless pet owners who’ve tried them is that they do!

Because after all, pets don’t know about the placebo effect. And the energy, calm moods, and all round health benefits for them are all too real.

3 Key benefits of Hemp Oil

Relieves aches, strains, and occasional joint discomfort.

Calms nervousness and encourages good behavior.

Supports a healthy immune system, brain function, and overall wellness.

6 Key Benefits of Honest Paws Hemp Oil

By Pet Owners for Pet Owners

Honest Paws is run by pet owners for pet owners. They make products they’d happily give to their own pets.

Certificate of Analysis (COA)

Their products are tested and verified by third party labs for purity and potency. And they have the certificate to prove it.

Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids

Honest Paws includes the full spectrum of cannabinoids in its products so that pets can gain their full wealth of benefits.

Organic and Vegan Friendly

Honest Paws’ hemp oils contain zero GMOs, and zero allergens or additives. Just pure hemp oil and naturally occuring CBD from organically grown hemp.

Customer Services Team

Honest Paws is renowned for the advice and support provided by its customer services team. This includes selecting the right product for each pet.

Made in USA

Cheap hemp oils are cheap for a reason. They’re typically made in far flung countries with low quality ingredients. Whereas Honest Paws makes all its products in the USA.

150,000+ Pet Owners Love Honest Paws

Brittany B.
Verified Buyer

The treats have really helped her settle down.

My dog is only a year old so it’s hard to get her to relax sometimes. I give her these when I leave the house or if she needs to be crated for some reason. The treats have really helped her settle down.

Monica G.
Verified Buyer

Really helped to calm his nerves!

I got these for my dog after I discovered he had gone deaf with old age. He was already a pretty nervous guy but now he’s scared of everything... poor guy! His one half biscuit a day has really helped to calm his nerves! Call me a convert to CBD!

Leila M.
Verified Buyer

He's BACK mentally and emotionally.

My little guy now walks (hops ;-) around the back yard without falling every step. His eyes are bright but what makes me the happiest and brings tears to my eyes - He's BACK mentally and emotionally. He is once again a present and contributing member of our/his family. We ADORE this little guy and we could not be happier to see the change in him

Try Honest Paws’ Pet Hemp Oil Risk Free

One of Honest Paws’ most popular hemp oils is ‘Wellness’.

This oil helps to support a healthy immune system.

Its other benefits include:

  • Calm nervous moods
  • Supporting bone and joint health
  • Normal healthy brain activity
  • Defense against allergies and infections

That’s a lot of benefits in one bottle.

Yet if you’re still skeptical, Honest Paws wants your pet to try it risk free.

Because along with having a Certificate of Analysis and 150,000+ satisfied customers… Honest Paws supplies its hemp oil with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What this means is that if your pet doesn’t show signs of a healthy immune system... gain a bigger wag in their tail... and regain some of the playful energy they had as a pup... Honest Paws will refund every cent.

So there’s zero risk in giving it a try.

And after assessing everything that Honest Paws does to make its hemp oils the purest and most potent available, we can’t deny it: This stuff really works. And Pet Health Tribune is happy to recommend Honest Paws to our readers.

For a limited time you can get a bottle of Honest Paws Wellness at an X discount. But only while stocks last. So make sure you claim your bottle while you can:







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