Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews Are Here To Help Your Pet Live a Longer, Pain-free Life!

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) reports that one in five pets suffer from mobility issues as they age. The good news is that pets are living longer – nowadays 15 percent of dogs will live past 11 years old. Sadly, with age often comes discomfort from osteoarthritis (OA) and degenerative joint disease (DJD). Owners are rejoicing in spending more years with their beloved pet, but they also want Fido to enjoy his golden years by being pain-free.

Restoring the Vitality and Mobility of Pets!

Luckily, in a quest to find natural products to ease mobility problems many pet parents are turning to Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews for Pets as a solution. With all-natural ingredients, the chews are a yummy option that are helping significantly restore the vitality of aging pets.

Fight Future Mobility Problems at Every Stage of a Dog’s Life

Pet owners are learning a new way to view aging - old age is not a disease but a natural progression of life. Instead of accepting discomfort as inevitable, there are holistic and natural ways to prevent advancing mobility issues and alleviate current problems. A dog’s future mobility is often based on the care they receive in young adulthood.

A Single Chew with 20 Natural Ingredients

Owners need to never assume that a pet is playing too hard or has simply twisted their leg if they start to limp. Instead, taking a proactive stance can prevent future mobility issues. A daily chew can truly make all the difference in the world in a pet’s long term health.

Innovet Pet has formulated 20 natural products into a single chew that not only brings immediate results but also helps slow/prevent age-related issues.

A Real-Life Testimonial of the Difference Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews Makes!

Teresa owns two dogs -- one is an aging German Shepherd named Max and the other is a frisky young Dalmatian called Stan who enjoys playing hard.

Max recently started moving slower and Teresa became concerned that trying to keep up with hyper and rambunctious Stan was proving just too much for her old fella. To bring him some comfort she purchased a bottle of Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews.

The results have been amazing!

After two weeks of use, there is a definite renewed spring in the old timer’s step and he’s even up for a daily game of tug-of-war with his spotted buddy. She was so impressed with the chews that she has also started giving them to her younger Dalmatian as a part of his daily regime!

Two Weeks of Impressive Changes!

Here are just two weeks of change that Teressa started to note in her dogs!

  • Week One: Max was slow to get out of bed and displayed significant stiffness. After stretching, he would slowly make his way outdoors to take care of business and try his best to ignore the energetic enthusiasm of his younger canine buddy Stan who couldn’t wait to play. However, after a few days of taking the chews, Max started to show more interest in running the property’s perimeter and even started indulging in a little wrestling Stan.

  • Week Two: Morning arrives and Max climbs out of bed without excessive stretching. He is immediately ready to head outdoors. The stiffness in his joints seems gone. He even scuffles at the door with Stan in anticipation of enjoying the nice morning outside. After trotting out the door with a new spring in his step, he immediately joins Stan in running the perimeter fence. He moves well and seems to be really enjoying his morning jog! At the end of the day, both dogs show no mobility issues.

Visits to the dog park and the beach for Max and Stan have become more frequent because Teresa has seen such a dramatic difference. Both pooches are ready and able to play a game of frisbee and even take a swim in the waves!

Teressa, Max, and Stan are now avid supporters of Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews!

What Are the Ingredients?

People are trying to live healthier lives by focusing on diet and exercise. Their pets are a part of their families and owners are also paying the same attention to what they give their four-legged companions.

Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews contain the following:

  • Terpene Extract to support cellular repair and ease inflammation
  • Glucosamine HCL to rebuild cartilage and protect the body’s joints
  • Organic hemp seed powder to boost the body’s immune system
  • MSM for better respiratory function and joint lubrication
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to battle inflammation and support a healthy joint system
  • Green-lipped mussel to battle whole-body inflammation

Innovet stands behind their product with an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee!

Receive a bottle of 90 Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews for only $28.99!

Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews Help with Harley’s Recovery!

Harley, an Australian Shepherd, sustained a serious leg and hip injury when he ran out of his yard in terror on the 4th of July. He was afraid of the loud booms of the exploding fireworks and he was hit by a car as he fled the noise. Harley’s owner rushed him to the veterinarian where he underwent extensive emergency surgery on his rear leg and hip joint.

To aid in Harley’s recovery, his owner started giving him Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews. Prior to giving the chews, Harley was suffering extensive inflammation and discomfort during the healing process but after starting the daily chews he quickly became more comfortable. Luckily, Harley has made a complete recovery and his owner credits the chews. Today, he continues to give Harley his daily Innovet Advanced Mobility chew!

Provide Pets with a Pain-Free and Active Life

What owner doesn’t want their pet to feel young forever? The hands of time stop for no one, but a healthy lifestyle can keep any dog feeling like a puppy well into senior hood. Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews are a way to help keep a dog physically active and pain-free!

Yummy and Good-for-your Pet!

A single chew provides a bevy of natural ingredients along with crucial vitamins that can substantially improve health and increase any pet’s mobility. Best of all, the flavored chews are yummy and quickly become a welcome daily treat.

Weight of Pet: 50lbs-100lbs
Pet Survey: Dog
Pet Issues: Arthritis & Mobility

Seems to be helping.

“Our dog is ~13 yrs old and over the past has shown increased levels of stiffness and muscle fatigue in her hips and back legs. Though we'd began supplementing her food with glucosamine for some time it didn't seem to halt her deterioration. Since starting her with the advanced mobility formula I've noted a mark improvement in her mobility and decrease in discomfort. Will continue purchasing.”

Neal C.   Verified Buyer

Weight of Pet: 50lbs-100lbs
Pet Survey: Dog
Pet Issues: Anxiety, Pain, Arthritis & Mobility

It works!

“I have tried many products, prescription and over the counter, for my 70 lbs, 13 yr dog. They, either didn't work or she wouldn't eat them. I was surprised that she ate them right from my hand and seem to like the taste. I'm even more surprised at how quickly I saw a difference. 3 days later she was a different dog. She acts like a Much less shifting around to get comfortable. We are so happy!”

Ginny L.   Verified Buyer

Weight of Pet: 50lbs-100lbs
Pet Survey: Dog
Pet Issues: Pain, Arthritis & Mobility

Awesome product

“I have a senior pit who began showing some mobility issues. Upon giving her these mobility chews, I've already begun to see improvement and that is so awesome to see. I am now a fan and purchaser for life especially as I have 5 other dogs who will reach their senior years soon as well. I am so glad I discovered this product. I had tried many other varieties without any result like I've seen with this product. Thank you so much!!!”

Michelle I.   Verified Buyer

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