Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews Makes a Difference in the Lives of Young Pets!

Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews are not just for senior canines but also young dogs!

Constance, a German Shepherd dog, was only three years old when she started to develop a marked decrease in her range of motion in her front right elbow joint. The dog was limping and favoring the leg. Something was wrong!

Obvious signs of pain and discomfort

When the dog’s leg was extended or flexed she showed obvious signs that it was painful because she would whimper and try to pull away. She exhibited periodic lameness and would regularly hold her elbow away from her body. Lori, Constance’s owner, also thought she noticed that the joint appeared swollen and slightly hot to the touch.

Too young to be in pain!

Dogs who are geriatric often show such signs of mobility issues, but in a canine so young it was genuinely concerning.

A pulled muscle or something more serious?

Lori kept thinking that maybe the dog had only ‘pulled’ a muscle or something. She shrugged off the condition believing that it would improve but one morning when she was giving her beloved dog a tummy rub she decided to bend and extend the dog’s leg to see if she was still acting like it hurt.

As Lori bent Constance’s joint, she could hear what sounded like a bone-on-bone grating. She was alarmed. Was the cartilage giving way and causing the joint’s bones to rub?

Lori promptly made an appointment with Constance’s veterinarian.

The Grim Diagnosis

Radiographs were carried out to provide better visualization. Joint fluid was also drawn to check for causes of inflammation. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was elbow dysplasia which is a common condition of young dogs (especially large breeds).

Treatment options vary and depend on the condition’s severity. Mild elbow dysplasia calls for conservative medical options such as anti-inflammatory drugs, but more severe cases might require surgery.

Renewed Hope with Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews

After extensive consideration, Lori decided to treat Constance’s condition with natural methods such as balanced exercise to prevent joint atrophy and Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews.

Within two weeks of treatment, Lori was happy to note that Constance’s lameness improved.

Why Try Innovet Advanced Mobility Support Chews?

Researchers working with Innovet Pet have combined 20 natural products to create a single chew that provides fast-acting results when you pet needs relief the most!

Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews Help with Constance’s Recovery!

After only two weeks of use, Constance now feels like playing a game of fetch again and running at the dog park. She shows no signs of discomfort!

Lori now gives Constance her daily chew to keep her comfortable and help ease any mobility issues brought on from the elbow dysplasia.

She feels that the chews have given Constance a new lease on life and she is so grateful to have her gregarious young dog back to functioning at her full potential.

Constance’s young age has coupled with the natural ingredients in the chews to create impressive results.

Tasty and All-Natural Chews!

A single chew provides is loaded with all-natural ingredients along with important vitamins that can quickly improve your pet’s health and increase the animal’s mobility.

Best of all, the flavored chews are tasty. Your dog will look forward to the daily morsel as a valued treat (no need to hide these chews in food because dogs love them!)

Innovet Advanced Mobility chews contain all-natural ingredients:

  • Glucosamine HCL helps rebuild any damaged cartilage and offers protection to the body’s joints from future problems or the degenerative impact of the current condition.
  • Terpene Extract is believed to reduce inflammation which eases pain and supports the body’s cellular repair process.
  • MSM is a great joint lubricant and improves respiratory function
  • Wild Alaska salmon oil provides support to the body’s many joints and relieves inflammation.
  • Organic hemp seed powder partners with the body’s immune system to ensure it’s functioning at full potential.
  • Green-lipped mussel helps ease whole-body inflammation.

Order with confidence!

Innovet stands behind their product with a full 30-day money-back guarantee!

Receive a bottle of 90 Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews for only $28.99!

Lori knows that Constance won’t stay young-acting forever. Elbow dysplasia is a degenerative disease with no real cure.

With the miracle of holistic treatments such as Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews, you can help slow down the process, so your dog enjoys as many years pain-free as possible.

Keep your dog physically active and help the animal feel like a puppy again!

Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews have worked wonders for Constance! Lori has noticed that her beloved pooch is now more active, enjoys playing a game of fetch, and loves going to the dog park again.

Additional Testimonials for Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews

Madison’s Story

Madison owns a Pekingese named Rusty. The little dog was only four when he started to limp on his tiny legs. She immediately started him on Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews and what a difference!

The little guy is back to walking normal with no signs of pain. He can again jump up and down off the couch without needing a boost.

Brute’s Story

Brute is a huge Saint Bernard that started to exhibit pain in the front legs. The limp seemed to alternate sides. Brute’s veterinarian said that in a dog so young it was a condition known as panosteitis.

The lameness condition (pano) often strikes young large-breed dogs. The condition changes sides causing varying degrees of pain which can impact the dog’s quality of life at such a young age.

Within two weeks of using Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews, Gregory (Brute’s owner) reports that his dog is pain-free and back to acting like a puppy.

When Using Innovet Advanced Mobility Chews Wait Until the 30 Day Mark!

Owners report seeing improvements in their dogs’ mobility issues within two weeks but by the 30 day mark many pets are back to normal. Good things are worth waiting for!

Purchase a 3-month supply (90 chews) of Advanced Mobility Chews for only $28.99!

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