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Dad-of-five Wins £1.2 million After Placing Bet on Phone While Using the Loo

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Is it possible to make money on sports betting using leading technology? Yes, says Jeremy Roche, who has earned more than £1.2 million in 2020 – despite being right in the middle of a virus pandemic.

Roche won £1.2 million after placing a bet on one of his favorite soccer teams while sitting on the toilet.

“I was sitting on the toilet bored and decided to download the Coral app for sports betting. That is honestly how it happend. No exciting story”.

Now you may laugh, but despite 15 years of writing about sports betting, I had never quite understood that when you win a sports bet you get not only the profit, but also your stake back. So I was even more chuffed when Jeremy explained to me he received a check for £1.2 million + his stake of £350. Tax free.

Membership has increased by 2,345% according to Coral Sports Betting.

Last week over 88,000 Britts downloaded the Coral Sports Betting app on the Apple store, lifting it to the top of the most popular apps in the UK for April.

According to Roche, the increase in people signing up to sports betting platforms is a win-win situation. Not only do the odds of winning get better but the jackpots get bigger too as more people are investing.

Working in his underwear.

If there is one thing Jeremy loves most about the online world of sports betting is the ability to do it from home in your underwear.

Each morning Jeremy gets up and takes his kids for a walk before returning home and stripping down to work comfortably from his bed.

“I like to work comfortably on my laptop with a cup of tea each morning. It takes me only a couple of hours to place my bets and then i’m off to spend time with my family again”.

According to Jeremy, he sees an average of 2-4% returns daily on his investments which is 2,000x more than what the bank interest rates offer.

Jeremy’s Interview

Blog: Why sports betting and what online software are you using?

Jeremy: My brother works at the bank and is always instructing me to invest into bank assets. Which set me thinking, could short odds betting, whereby the chances of something happening are relatively high, at the very least beat interest rates offered by banks and building societies?

I got my answer in less than 90 days. I saw a 3% daily return on every investment. Right now I am using Coral because they are fully insured and regulated in the UK.

Blog: How did your first month of sports betting go?

Jeremy: Maybe I am just lucky. Of the 50 bets I have made, I lost only 12, making me a profit of £3,000 from my £180 investment.

What is Coral Sports Betting?

Coral is a chain of betting shops in the United Kingdom, owned by GVC Holdings. The Coral business was established by Joe Coral in 1926. It grew into an online conglomerate as of 2015, with more than 845,000 players in the UK.

Coral Sports Betting is one of the oldest online sportsbooks around today in the UK. The company developed a reputation as being reliable, old-fashioned, and punctual, always paying on time. The sports betting site is typically mentioned at the top of most users must-have sportsbook accounts.

Britt’s prefer Coral over Bet365

You think of the major UK bookmakers and you immediately think of Coral. For a long, long time they have been at the front of British bookmaking, really offering a huge competition to the likes of the other major players Ladbrokes and Bet365. Like those other operators, Coral have secured a high street presence and have translated all of their experience over to online betting.

Flash'99, 19/09/2017

Coral is a great bookie

I have the coral app and have been a member for several years. I decided to stop using other bookies and instead just use coral because they are excellent. The app is easy to use. They have shops everywhere and reward Connect customers for their loyalty. I recommend coral to anyone for sports betting and casino

Tomevans9509, 19/09/2017

A lot easier than leaving the house

The app is alot easier to use rather than having to keep leaving the house just to keep putting bets on. Is always a big help when it comes to work if there's a game on so you can keep up to date on scores and win money at the same time.

paul choat, 20/09/2017

Coral connect

Very quick at finding the right bet I require, needs to have a quick drop down for 1.5goals and 3.5goals etc as it only has 2.5 goals but apart from that such an easy app to use wen betting. Couple of issues at peak times on a weekend when placing football bets but that's to be expected. Good job 👍🏻


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I know that my husband keeps talking about this and after reading this article, it truly makes sense at how the prices will eventually go up. Makes way more sense to me when it’s laid clearly like this… I’m going to invest even by myself to surprise my family later on when the market restores.

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Just registered, honestly so easy to understand the turnaround of these stock markets, this is what they wanted to happen - so they can invest further into the economy at a fraction of the cost.

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Not going to miss out on this opportunity, I was already hesitant in 2008 and looked around, so many winners from that year that benefited in the crash market.

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Signed up, super excited to see where this goes!

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I read through the studies, and it’s true there are a lot of investors making over six figures because they invested into oil stocks earlier.s

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damn! I keep seeing reports about this, and need to register asap.

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I’ve actually always invested in oil because I know it’s a commodity that we will need forever. I have no worries or doubts on how this will benefit me later on.

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