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The 23 Year-old Cashing in Big During the Virus Pandemic

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Matthew Gerrard won nearly €125k playing online slots in March, single-handedly decimating the monthly revenue of Raging Bull’s online casino. Not long before that, he’d taken the Borgata online casino for €800k and Caesars online casino for €1 million. Here’s how he did it.

When Matthew dropped out of college in 2018 to focus on online gambling, it was a hard sell to his parents: “They were not thrilled at all,” he said. But two years later, as the virus pandemic and the subsequent shelter-in-place orders have shut businesses around the globe and forced people to stay inside, some jobs have proven more stable than others. For Matthew, online gambling has been the safest and best bet.

Last month during a live stream in front of 22,000 Britts on Facebook, Matthew recorded the moment he won Raging Bull’s Mega Jackpot of €125,000. His winning hand had been picked up by the casino’s online watchful overheard and after 2 business days of due diligence, he deposited the winnings into his bank account.

“I have been playing online slots for just over 2 years now and every single month I have been profitable. There is a stigma against online gambling and I correlate it to ignorance. You can make an average monthly wage here in the UK in less than a week without needing any training or knowledge.”

With more time being spent at home, the number of people turning to online online gambling is increasing, said Donnie Peters, managing editor of online gambling news site and forum

Online casino players from all over Europe are making more money right now for two reasons, according to Peters. The huge influx of new online players. And when the number of new players increases, so does the jackpot amount.

On Monday, the online casino company Raging Bull beat it’s £800,00 guarantee pot for the first time after 9,449 players joined the platform.

Raging Bull Announces 4 New £1 Million Jackpots

With a surge of new members and it’s recent jackpot success, Raging Bull’s online casino announced on Monday that they will be making a big splash with a series of MEGA jackpots. According to their website, they’re going to roll out a line of “insured” jackpots that will pay out lucky winners £4 million across 4 weeks.

“With our new insured jackpots, members will have the opportunity to win over 800 micro prizes amounting up to £4 million, something that has never been done in the history of online casinos ,” said Marcus Cordes, COO of Raging Bull online casino.

Matthew’s Tips on Winning Jackpots

Who said there is no strategy to gambling? According to Matthew, winning a micro or massive jackpot is a lot easier than you think. But instead of telling you how to win a massive jackpot, Matthew has put together 3 ways you can earn an average UK salary playing online casino games in one week.

  • Timing is everything: Matthew recommends playing online during peak hours as that is when the jackpots are the biggest. His favorite time to go online is between 6-9pm.
  • Work with the best: There are over 500 established online gambling websites in Europe. Matthew recommends only playing on insured gambling platforms that offer insured jackpots like Raging Bull.
  • Small investment: The average person deposits £1,000 when signing up to online gamblig. Matthew recommends investing a maximum of £500. This amount will allow you to play at least 100 different hands/slots/games on a platform like Raging Bull, maximizing your chances of winning.

What is Raging Bull Casino?

Raging Bull Casino is the biggest online casino in Europe featuring a wide variety of games in downloadable, Instant Play and mobile-play formats. The site features an extensive catalog of slots, table games, video pokers, and some other specialties. A growing number of these games can be played on supported smartphones and tablets as well.

The most famous of these games come from the Real Series, the bread and butter of the RTG collection. These games are all built on the same framework, but feature different art and gameplay elements in order to create dozens of great games that all work on a stable, reliable platform.

Raging Bull Casino is running a Pandemic Promotion and offering £50 to new sign ups. This promotion ends on June 1st 2020.

  • Click here to sign up to Raging Bull casino and get your £50
  • Create your account and connect your bank account
  • £50 will be applied to your account credits.


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I got my whole family playing raging bull slots during this pandemic! We live stream and have fun it’s just like vegas

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You can make a lot of money but you have to be patient.

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I use to work for them lol it was awesome there

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Im going to sign up next week when i get paid. A lot of friends at work are making money with raging bull

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I won 400 last night!

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damn! I keep seeing reports about this, and need to register asap.

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I’ve actually always invested in oil because I know it’s a commodity that we will need forever. I have no worries or doubts on how this will benefit me later on.

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