Jeremy’s Story: From Working at McDonald’s to Driving a Golden Bentley.

At the ripe age of 21, Jeremy Ovens had already made more money to his name than a lot of us will see in our entire lifetime. But this brand new millionaire didn’t inherit any of his fortune or stumble into it either like many others did with the Bitcoin boom.

So how did this Mcdonald’s cashier go from serving up big macs to owning a golden Bentley?

He sold a lot of cannabis online.

Through a new and innovative ‘crowdgrowing’ platform Juicy Fields, Jeremy was able to invest into the cannabis cultivating industry while working full time as a cashier at McDonalds.

According to his 2019 tax returns, he made a net profit of $2.4 million, a big chunk of that going towards his eccentric brand new Bentley Continental GT wrapped in beautiful gold.

“I invested no more than $50 every two weeks and was able to quit my job within 3 months. Making money like this has opened my eyes. Anyone who is sick and tired of feeling like a robot should take advantage of the technology we have available today and use it to work for you.

When Jeremy wasn’t slinging chicken nuggets and serving up Big Macs, he was either preaching to other family members about investing with Juicy Fields, trying to grow a family dynasty, or teaching himself the ins and outs of the cannabis industry.

I chose to go with the crowdgrowing, a new concept for investing, because of the security it offered. Juicy Fields only profits when you profit and I like that strategy because it gives them more of an incentive to make everyone as much money as they can. There is also a lot of assurance because you are investing with other investors into a pool; making your dollar stronger and yield bigger. And that means more profit”.

What is​

Crowdgrowing or e-growing is a movement that brings together couch-growers and real cannabis farmers. Anyone with an internet connection can grow cannabis virtually through Juicy Fields platform. Their partners and fully licensed growers cultivate the cannabis plants that investors purchase and together they share the profits once the cannabis is sold.

Juicy Fields does not grow the plant, rather, it acts as a middleman platform between growers and investors.

Juicy Fields is a Germany-based cannabis platform that has been taking the industry by storm. Just like Crowdlending offers a variety of investment options to lenders, Juicy Fields also presents countless options to make money in cannabis, which is currently one of the hottest industries to invest in.

Humble and rich

Jeremy began trading in his room at the age of 18 with an account set up in his father’s name. Two years later, he is a self-made millionaire, investing in a craft coffee cafe and real estate. And though his days at McDonald's are behind him, he keeps his old, yellow uniform framed in his office.

Still, despite all the material luxuries in Jeremys’ life, nothing fulfills him more than his family and friends. This year he moved his entire family into a 6,500 sq.ft mansion with a 6 car garage and outdoor pool.

"My goal is to make people happy," he explained.

What are the available cannabis plants to invest in?

After registering, you will be required to set up a profile and choose the variety of cannabis plant you would like to invest in, plus the number of plants, and then pay. Overall, the platform offers 4 types of cannabis strains, each with different yields and profit.

For trial investment, you will be provided with a €50 plant, which will begin to earn your profit after three months. To invest in the rest of the plants, you will be required to deposit a fixed fee of €2000 per plant for a period of between 3 and 5 years.

The yields will vary from 2 to 4 times per year, depending on the strain that you choose. Nevertheless, you will be able to earn profits from 15% to 50%.

If you want to maximize your profits, make sure you consider each type of cannabis strain separately. The available plants include:

  • JuicyFlash (Small Yield)
    Growing period – 90 days
    Renewal – no
    Yields – 45 to 55 g
    Selling price - €1.50 per gram
    Profit per harvest - €68 to €83
    Minimum investment - €50
  • JuicyMist (Medium Yield)
    Harvest per year – 4
    Renewal – 3 years
    Yields – 150 to 200 g
    Profit per harvest - €300 to €400
    Minimum investment - €2,000
  • JuicyKush (High Yield)
    Harvest per year – 3
    Renewal – 4 years
    Yield – 200 to 300 g
    Selling price - €2.50 per gram
    Profit per harvest - €500 - €750
    Minimum investment - €2,000
  • JuicyHaze (Ultra Yield)
    Harvest per year – 2
    Renewal – 5 years
    Yield – 300 to 400 g
    Selling price - €3.00 per g
    Profit per harvest - €900 to €1,200
    Minimum investment - €2,000

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I've been trading with Juicy Fields for the last few weeks and made a small profit of €2,300. I'm loving it!

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wow that's awesome!

Reply . 53 Like . about an hour ago

I saw Juicy Fields on the news and signed up yesterday, I'm only up around €60 though.

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

I saw Juicy Fields on the news and signed up yesterday, I'm only up around €60 though.

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

You deposit €250 and then it will automatically start buying and selling Bitcoin for you to make a profit..

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

A friend of mine used it and recommended it, I'm looking into it now, thanks for the explaining Juicy Fields to me.

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It is so easy to use, you just deposit money and the robot does all the work for you.

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Best article on daily tips!

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I saw this on the news. Thank you for sharing this article!

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Been so busy with my kids lately, but this fits in just fine. I've traded up around €290 in 4 days. It's small compared to the others but a really good start!

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Wow that's awesome! My €250 is sitting at €940 right now :D

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