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John Grant

One word has driven me since my childhood: helping.

Throughout my life, I have constantly searched for ways to give aid to others. My happiest moments are when I see that help lead to incredible changes my friends, family and clients make to better themselves.

Over the years, I have helped many amazing people make total transformations both personally and professionally. My book, “The Unstoppable Mindset for Health: How to Have Abundant Vitality Daily, Live at Your Full Potential and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes”, is one of my proudest accomplishments. As a life, performance and results coach, I have been privileged to guide others find their own Unstoppable Mindset and take charge of their lives.

When I speak about taking charge of your life and health, I do so with plenty of personal experience. I am proud to say that I lost over 45 pounds and won my battle against Type 2 Diabetes.

My own struggles have led me to renewed passion for helping others improve their health, both mentally and physically. As someone who overcame a horrible relationship with food, I can teach what you need to know to reach your health and fitness goals.

That doesn’t mean I only give guidance about body and mind. I can provide accountability for your relationships, career or business as well.

Who Should Consider Working With a Life Coach?

There are many signs to look for when you are not sure if you need a life coach. These signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Repeated Failure to break bad habits
  • Persistent irritability in your personal life or at work
  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety
  • A constant feeling of displeasure at work
  • An absence of satisfaction in your social life
  • A sense of blocked creativity
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john grant
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Accountability coaching is a growing field, with new faces popping up everyday. I believe that a few things set me apart from the rest.

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Personal Experience

When I give advice, you can trust that I have actually lived it first-hand. These changes, and the results they can have, are real. The same techniques I provide to you are the ones I used to defeat my own Diabetes, lose over 45 pounds, and launch several successful businesses.


Unique Approach

I prefer a personal, one-on-one connection when counseling clients. I know that the best advice and guidance is tailored specifically to who you are and what you believe in. I take the time to get to know you so I can give you the resources you truly need, not weak platitudes and empty promises others send out to the masses.

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Ongoing Support

Turning your life around is hard work, so I endeavor to make the journey as easy as possible. From FaceTiming to meeting face-to-face, from talking over texts to talking in small groups, I am here to help in whatever way I can.

What Can John Grant Coaching Help Me With?

As an accountability coach, I am proud to assist with a wide range of personal issues that can be stopping your success.


When we start, you may be your own worst enemy. However, as we work together, you can become your strongest supporter.You CAN take responsibility for your future. You CAN find the motivation to succeed.

When we start, you may be your own worst enemy. However, as we work together, you can become your strongest supporter.You CAN take responsibility for your future. You CAN find the motivation to succeed.


Understanding and accepting your limitations can be difficult, but also extremely enlightening. I will help you accept the little things you cannot change.


Learning to love yourself is a critical component of any lifestyle change. You have to love yourself more than you love your vices. You have to commit to loving yourself more than you fear change, commitment and hard work.


Making long-lasting lifestyle changes is a daunting task to take on without support. There is so much to do, so much to learn, so much to keep track of. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone. With my guidance, you CAN achieve your goals. .


Ultimately, my most important goal is to get you to a place where you no longer need my help. I want to see all my clients stand strong and walk proudly towards a new tomorrow with the strength to do so on their own.

Stop letting self-doubt cloud your judgment

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john grant

what they say about john

John Grant offers so much and is at the top of his field. I am looking for ways to expand my business and John is really helping. He is so encouraging, understanding, and most importantly for me, held me accountable. John helped me get out of my "comfort zone" and shared ideas to help my business grow. He has many resources and, so importantly, he genuinely cares about his clients. His easy-going, approachable manner makes his clients feel comfortable right away. It is a pleasure working with John and I highly recommend his services.

- sharon mayberry

John is an amazing life coach - I have met with him regularly for the past two years and have benefited hugely from his insight, dedication and experience.

- Stuart Winsborough

8 months agoJohn has done an amazing job helping the people I have sent to him. He is a master at helping you to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving what you desire in your health, career, and relationships.

- Laurie Blanscet

Frequently asked questions

What can John help with?

Creating loving relationships that last. Work/Life Balance Self Care. Learning how to take care of yourself. Fulfilling Your Purpose Anger Management, Stress Management, Professionalism in the workplace. Managing Grief, Loss, Sadness and Change. Making smart nutritional choices

How to choose a life coach?

1) Certification: Not all people who call themselves a life coach are certified by an accredited professional school, nor are they even true coaches for that matter. In fact, most self-proclaimed life coaches are neither. Certification is very important because life coaching is a profession that entails very particular skills, behavioral standards, and a framework of training which is only taught in adequate schools. Despite what some life coaches may try to explain to you, life experience and other types of experience or training are simply not enough. You need to make sure the life coach you are working with has received their certification from an accredited school. Would you go to a doctor who did not have formal training?

2) References: Always ask for references when seeking professional counsel. After all, life coaches help you with extremely personal matters and you want to trust the person who will be assisting you in reaching your dreams.

3) A Good Match: A positive coach for one person may not be a good match for another. Personal chemistry is key, and it is important when in a team setting, that your team responds well to the life coach. To find a good match, it’s best to speak directly with your potential coach and discuss your wants and needs and what you would like to receive from your coaching sessions. You’ll want to be sure you feel comfortable enough with your coach to develop the deep trust necessary for breakthrough coaching. If you cannot develop a trust with your coach it is imperative to be honest and begin searching for a new life coach immediately.

What does working with John look like?

Results coaching is a natural fit for John as he has the training, and the ability, to meet you where you are at and non-judgmentally assist you at a pace that works. To achieve success, it takes a commitment on your part to want to live a better life along with a commitment by John to work alongside you during your journey. John is committed to your success, are you??

John focuses on getting you the results that you desire faster than doing it alone. This is achieved by focusing on the three main areas of life: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. John utilizes a proven 20 year system that is easy to commit to, follow and implement. It starts with the desire to get different results than you currently have.

Your dreams of a better future can be reality.

You have the ability within you to reach your goals.

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