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Transform Your Teen

Here’s How We’ll Develop Self-Belief In Your Teen

Build Confidence

Confidence is key! It opens doors and is one of the main ingredients to success. Far too many teens have their potential diminished and are held back by self-doubt. Dr. RJ and his team will help your teen identify limiting beliefs and help them manage their thoughts in a way that fosters an unshakeable confidence, transforming all of the little “I cant’s” into “I can”.

Inspire Motivation

As strange as it sounds, teens need motivation to feel motivated, they need a buy-in. In order to create a buy-in and inspire motivation, you need to figure out a way to connect the duty that you are expecting with their interests or passions. Dr. RJ and his team will help you achieve this, supercharging your teen’s motivation, inspiring them in order to get things done.

Develop Action Takers

Teens aren’t accomplishing their goals, simply because they aren’t taking any action. For example, the reason your teen isn’t making any friends is probably because, they’re too afraid to initiate the conversation. We all have dreams and ambitions, but it’s the go-getters, the ones who plan and take action, who achieve them. Dr. RJ will show you how to be just that!

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Here’s What Parents Have to Say!

Kiest Hills

Parents need to listen to this!
As a mother of 3 this has given me a better insight on how to talk to my teen. He really breaks it down this helps me to be a better parent.

Lieu Shoe

Great perspective
This is inspiring and painful to listen to as a parent but so helpful! Times have changed and this helps gives parents a perspective on what their children are going through


Dr RJ is not only a great Orthodontist, perfecting smiles, he’s a leader in our community inspiring teens to be the best they can be.

Maximize Your Teen’s Potential

Dr. Rj's 3 Cs to Confidence

Maximize Your Teen’s Potential

Dr. Rj's 3 Cs to Confidence

  • Step 1: Commit: Teens need to believe they can be confident & this requires commitment. Dr. RJs instills belief, so that teens commit to transforming their confidence.
  • Step 2: Courage: The number-1 reason teens are not confident is fear. This program gives teens the tools to overcome fear, so that they can take action & accomplish their goals.
  • Step 3: Comfort: Confidence comes when you’re comfortable doing something. The only way to get comfortable is repetition. Dr. RJ shares secrets to motivation that make it easier to become comfortable.
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We’ve only got a few spots left open, so don’t miss out!

Dr. RJ Was Voted Best-Selling Author on Amazon!

How to Train Your Superhero is an empowering best-seller on Amazon, and is based on Dr. RJ’s firsthand experience dealing with teens, and tweens as well. Due to social isolation from the pandemic, more and more tweens and teens are struggling with unhappiness. As a board-certified orthodontist and a certified teen life coach, Dr. RJ’s mission is to create smiles both on the outside, and more importantly on the inside. In this book, he shares the secret to happiness withinour youth, so that they can start to experience the one emotion that all of us desire, happiness.

About Dr. RJ

You do not have to be an orthodontist to create smiles. Before I tell you why I became a life coach for teenagers, I need to first tell you why I became an orthodontist. You heard me right. I am an orthodontist 😁 When I was in high school, my guidance counselor asked me to pick a career. "What do you want to do for the rest of your life?" she asked. I replied with the most common phrase used by all teenagers, "I don't know." So she asked me a different question, "If you could make a difference in the world, what difference would you make." I thought about that question for a while. I knew she would not allow me to use that common phrase again. I responded, "I want people to be happy. I would spread happiness." "Great! You have two options. You can be a comedian, or you can be an orthodontist," she replied (Life coaching wasn't a career back then).

My decision was easy at that point. I was not funny, so I chose to be an orthodontist. I thought to myself, "Smiles are the logo for happiness, so why not be the guy who creates them." I never strayed from that path and in May of 2012, it was official. I was an orthodontist.

I enjoy creating smiles! And I felt that I was following my life's mission to spread happiness until May of 2016, something happened! If you have never had braces, then you probably do not know the celebration that occurs when braces come off. It is a happy occasion. The patient is happy and sometimes crying tears of joy. The parents are happy. My team is happy and I am happy. This was the image that was in my mind that day in the counselor's office, when I decided that I was going to be an orthodontist. ...

But something happened. A few days later, I received a phone call from that parent telling me that her daughter was unhappy. She knew I mentored teenagers, so she asked if I could help." I would be happy to talk with her, but it sounds like she needs a therapist." I had only mentored teenagers at that time. I wasn't trained to handle a teenager who was struggling with depression. But that wasn't all, the next week the same thing happened again. This time with a different parent. And again, I referred them to a therapist. But that wasn't it because the same thing happened a third time. At that moment, I knew orthodontics, alone, was not going to be enough to fulfill my life's purpose of spreading happiness among teenagers. You see, if something happens once, then it is random. If something happens twice, then it is a coincidence. If something happens three times, then I need to pay attention.

So the moment after I spoke with the third parent, I immediately started to research how I could help these teenagers. I was prepared to pursue a degree in therapy until all three parents told me that therapy was not helping their child. So I went back to the drawing board. And that is when I discovered life coaching.
Today, I am happy to continue to spread happiness by creating smiles on the outside (as an orthodontist), and on the inside (as a teen life coach).

Success Stories

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

  • "Wow! My son is a new kid!! I always knew Alex was not living up to his potential. When I learned about Dr. RJ, I thought to myself, “I bet Alex could benefit from that.” I believe that every teenager could benefit from a life coach."

    Adam DeLeon

    New York, USA

  • "Dr. RJ helped my daughter through one of the toughest times in her life. I noticed a transformation in less than four weeks. Every teenager needs a life coach. My daughter is literally a different child. Hiring Dr. RJ is one of the best decisions I've made as a parent. "

    Francis Quiroz

    New York, USA

  • "The tips & techniques that Dr.RJ taught me have helped me tremendously! Before high school, I did not care much about my grades, but now that I am making A’s, I really like school. Dr. RJ has helped me with my organization, & he showed me how to be more efficient with my time."

    Sahir Allison, 15 Years Old

    New York, USA

  • "At first, I didn’t understand why my mom hired Dr. RJ. It wasn’t until I had my first coaching session that I realized that having a life coach is so important. Dr. RJ noticed that fear was limiting my growth. I didn’t participate in any extracurricular activities. I didn’t try when it came to homework and tests. I didn’t even try to make any new friends. After he worked with me to overcome my fear, things started to improve in my life. Now, I play hockey, I have a fun friend group, and I make all A’s!"

    Brody Hughes, 14 Years Old

    New York, USA

  • "Having Dr. RJ as my life coach has made a real difference in my life. My mom argued and fought a lot. On our first call, Dr. RJ asked what did I think was the reason we had so many arguments. I did not know so my first homework assignment was to gain “clarity.”My mom and I had a great conversation and I felt like I understood her more. Now, I notice my triggers more and I feel like I see things from others’ perspectives. I really like having Dr. RJ as my life coach. "

    Annabelle Dalbec, 13 Years Old

    New York, USA

  • "Dr. RJ helped me when life was most stressful. Before my SAT, I was suffering from anxiety & depression. I honestly just felt stuck. I looked forward to my coaching sessions with Dr. RJ, because he always helped me to see things in a whole new way. We worked through all of my issues (he calls them obstacles), & he gave me tools to use when I start to feel overwhelmed & anxious. By the way, I scored a 1510 on my SAT, & I honestly believe that Dr. RJ had a lot to do with that."

    Libby Mitchell, 18 Years Old

    New York, USA

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