Fixed and adjustable supports for exterior elevated floors

We ensure a simple and versatile installation of outdoor raised flooring.

  • Hand Unscrew

  • Triple Screw

  • Removable Base


Maximus eliminates 3-4 pedestals from our competitor's range

  • 1.

    Pedestal (range 45mm – 145mm)

  • 2.

    Products for unlimited height (100mm extenders sold separately)

  • 3.

    Options to operate adjustment

High speed adjustment chuck

What is included + the addons you can order

We offer a range of fixed and adjustable supports to ensure a simple and versatile installation of outdoor raised flooring.

  • Maximum Senior

  • 4mm Spacer Tab

  • Timber Joist Bracket

  • 100mm Extenders

  • 1mm Rubber Shim

  • 1-3 Degree Slope Corrector

  • Maintenance Adjustment Key

  • High Speed Chuck

Pedestal system benefits


  • Speed of installation

  • Elevated system to run services, conduits and pipes

  • Durable and load rated

Ease of maintenance

  • Sound acoustic performance

  • Excellent Absorption for expansion

  • Installs level with seamless connections

  • Increased thermal insulation

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I use a Maximus pedestal in a corner, do I cut anything?

    No, The base of the Maximus pedestal has been designed to removed allowing it to be pushed hard up into a corner.

  • HHow much weight can the Maximus pedestal hold

    The Maximus system has been load tested to 1,000kgs in an Australian NATA certified laboratory.

  • What are the best substrates to use the Maximus system

    Concrete substrates will achieve the best performance

  • What compatible materials can be used

    Engineered porcelain (min 20mm), natural stone, marble, granite, prefabricated concrete, decking (mod wood, timber)

  • Can I use the Maximus pedestal upside down

    No, Maximus has been designed to achieve all applications without having to use it upside down.

  • Where can I use the Maximus pedestal system

    On pre-existing floors, on cement foundations, on every type of membrane system inc, liquid, bituminous or synthetic.

  • How do I use the high speed chuck to adjust the pedestal

    Use the chuck with an electric screwdriver or a drill on low clutch setting only. DO NOT use with an impact driver Insert the chuck into the hole on the top of the pedestal head. Put your tool in reverse, hold the base of the pedestal and it will increase in height.

  • How do I remove the base to add 100m extenders

    Hold the body of the pedestal in one hand and turn the base anti-clockwise until it unclicks. Separate the base from the pedestal Place an extender into the base and turn it clockwise until it clicks into position. Next sit the pedestal on the top of the extender and turn it clockwise until it clicks into position.

  • How do the slope correctors work

    Each slope corrector is designed with a gradient to compensate for substrate falls. Add the slope corrector to the bottom of the pedestal. It will locate into the guide spaces on the base To increase gradient simply add additional slope correctors. They are all able to be stacked together.

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