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We value our partnerships, that’s why we offer 100% guaranteed results that are custom tailored to each client. This means you can rest assured that you don’t have to pay us until we make you money.

I can see an immense difference. It’s the best investment I’ve made in my business.

Rosie Okumura

We Offer a Human Experience In This Digital World

Our email marketing strategies work because we create automated flow methods that are custom for each client. It may sound a bit old fashioned when push messaging is used as a method. However, it is a proven tactic that 90-99% of people check their inboxes every day!

By integrating email marketing and automation to your business - it will increase your brand revenue. This is a powerful tool that lets you connect with your clients and generate return in profit.

We make sure to audit your current email strategy list and learn everything about your business in order to curate, custom tailored content that matches your brand and flow.

Start increasing your customer experience with LTV Ninja today! Incorporate elements like packaging design and automated UGC campaigns and giveaways.

To put it simply: We are an Email/SMS agency on steroids.

  • Email Marketing Copywriter
  • Email Marketing Developer
  • Email Marketing Designer
  • Manager and Coordinator

100% Guaranteed Results... or your money back



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Discover The Power of Email & SMS Marketing With LTV Ninja

LTV Ninja isn’t your typical email and SMS marketing agency, we strive to take your business to the next level - meaning we only profit, when you profit! No wonder brands that are excelling in 7-8 figures choose LTV Ninja, because they know that they can sit back and focus on other avenues of their business. While we turn their marketing campaigns to top revenue-driven initiatives. By using our simple, yet highly effective marketing methods - we have driven over $50M+ in revenue for our clients!
Let’s chat today, to see how we can scale your business to new heights.


LTV Ninja has given us an opportunity to engage with our customers like never before.


Don't think twice about this marketing service, trust me, your business will thank you in couple of months! LTV Ninja proved it's possible

Dawson C. Shopify Store Owner

This isn't another automated bot that interacts with clients. LTV Ninja made sure to customize our emails and SMS texts that our engagement increased in less than 4 weeks!

Julie A.Shopify Plus Store Owner

Strategize, Optimize, Reach New Heights!


Optimize results. Test titles, content, and timing to find out what works.


Plan ahead and prioritize the importance of SMS and email marketing. A strong strategic direction makes the most out of your campaigns


Reach your customers in the right place, at the right time.


LTV Ninja makes share to tailor content to their audience needs, we research your business and data before we create original content that displays your brand.


The Benefits of Email Marketing

Low cost

The beauty of it is that unlike all your other marketing costs, you do not have to pay anything to reach customers on your email list because you already have them! There are no print and postage costs. No production budgets for your photo or video shoot. No ad buys on TV or billboards. Meaning that's one less payment you have to worry about!

Targeted Messaging

With email marketing, you’re reaching out to an audience that’s already engaging with you on a daily basis. Customers are yearning to receive these type of messages and content from your brand

Personalized messaging in the form of email list segmentation allows you to target specific parts of your audience and because this type of marketing is so cost-efficient, you don’t spend a ton in the process.

Brand In House

We also help to keep customers happy by professionally-designing packaging and inserts, unlike the competitors might be sending their products in plain boxes with no logo.

Work With a Creative Team

LTV Ninja has some of the best email writers/designers in the industry that are specialized to bring up your conversion rates. By constantly A/B testing the creative, our campaigns are meant to optimize conversions as well as creating new custom flows designed for each client.

Reach New Heights With LTV

The only solution to compete in an ever-more competitive landscape is to increase customer LTV, and the best method is through the use of email and SMS.

The flows and campaigns we use have been proven to bring customers back for multiple purchases and leave them satisfied throughout the process. SMS is one of the newest, most effective marketing channels that can be used with incredible results for flash sales, product launches, and more.

Ease of Use and Setup

Unlike print, digital, tv or billboards the creative side is much simpler here and you don’t need a massive team and outside help to get this done. Of course, like those other mediums, you can complicate the process with all kinds of extravagance but in general, this is a space to keep clean.

Our Happy Clients

Life Changing Experience

Don't knock it, till you try it! LTV Ninja rescued my ecom store that was not able to interact with it's audience and I've tried everything, This was perfect way to boost back my sales, now I never have to worry about this problem. Love the service and team.

- Sharon W.

Amazing Service!!

At first I was a bit hesitant to use this type of service because to be honest I truly didn't know how important it was for my business. After speaking to the team and seeing their custom creatives that were tailored for my brand I was sold. Ever since then, I've only seen an increase in my business. Thanks LTV Ninja!

- George S.

Lifested The Heavy Weight

It can get challenging to keep things in order, thanks to LTV Ninja they were able to package my signs, create custom thank-you cards, and other items designed to surprise + delight my customers. I feel like 100lbs was lifted off my shoulders.

- Kathy K.

Revamped My Brand

True ninjas in the sms and email marketing world! We had a custom design made by them and truly can say that they deliver beyond their role. They were always were A/B testing the campaigns and increasing our conversation within weeks! If you want your brand’s message heard - go with LTV Ninjas!

- Joanna L.

Great Process!

The flow and campaign that was managed by the team worked perfectly. I launched my first store online and used them in the process. Had the most amazing launch due to their team organizing all the sms + email push notifications. Now I have customers that still return for multiple purchases from my ecom store.

- Mark B.

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