Wooly - The Official Snuffle Mat™

Wooly engages your dogs’ powerful sense of smell as they snuffle, snort, and sniff their way through dinner or treat time. Built to stimulate a dog’s natural foraging instincts. Wooly feeds both their belly and their brain!

  • For Dogs Any Size or Breed

  • Paced Feeding

  • Easy to Clean

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Part Clever. Part Curious. All Dog!

Your dog is going to thank you for adding a little enrichment to their day! No other product on the market is as engaging for their amazing sense of smell as Wooly. You’re also going to love watching them forage their way through dinner or snack time - a snuffle mat is a fun adventure for both of you - so enjoy!

Limited Time Offer

Dogs are avid problem solvers! Their sense of smell is so much better than their vision - dog’s truly see the world with their noses. For a limited time we are offering up to 30% off of our insanely popular Wooly mats.

  • Simply Challenging™ Design

    A Snuffle Mat should be challenging for your dog, not for you! Just pour the food on top, and Wooly will do the rest.

  • Designed for Dogs

    Dogs have a sense of smell 40 times greater than our own, and eyesight that is far worse than ours. They see the world with their noses, and Wooly plays to their snuffly strengths.

  • Any Breed, Any Size

    3 Pound chihuahua? No problem! Have a bulldog that can’t use most puzzle feeders? Wooly is the perfect enrichment product for any dog, any size, and any shape.

Wooly Snuffle MatFeatures

  • Right at Home

    Our modern gray, unique mats will fit in anywhere in your home!

  • Sustainably Made

    Each mat is Handmade with BPA- and Phthalate-free recycled and up-cycled materials

  • Easy to Clean

    Just wash and dry to keep Wooly like new!

What People Are Saying...

  • I’m happy to say that Tiki had a great time with the mat, and we’re going to be using it for her twicedaily meals as we work to get her trim while, at the same time, helping her to enjoy her meal and slow down a bit.

    Paris Parmenter, Owner
  • It’s a dinner that’ll make your dog think! The environmentally friendly PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Mat is a foodie puzzle that drives your pooch’s need to search for their next meal.

    Amy Tokic, Editor PetGuide
  • Rocco loves to attack this mat, working for every last drop of food. And that's what it's all about.... giving your dog an entertaining, enriching experience at mealtime that enhances their overall wellbeing.

    Diane Silver, Owner

Wooly - The Official Snuffle Mat™

Give your pup an exciting meal with Wooly, a mat that induces your pup's instincts and sense of smell as they hunt for their food and treats!