Keep Your Pets Safe With This Innovative Seatbelt

Every 60 seconds a car accident occurs according to the National Highway Traffic Administration. You wear a seatbelt to keep yourself safe so shouldn’t your pet also have a similar device? With the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt, your beloved pet can have the exact same level of safety that you do. Especially if they're the co-pilot then they deserve protection too!

  • Works in the front or back seat
  • Features a unique elastic bungee that is designed to absorb the shock if an accident occurs
  • Fully adjustable – one size fits all

Keep Your Pets Safe With This Innovative Seatbelt

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About the

PawSafe Dog Seat Belt

About the

PawSafe Dog Seat Belt

The PawSafe Dog Seat Belt was designed by a team of veterinarians to keep your pet safe and protected. The tested and approved product is easy to use and provides proven results. The PawSafe Dog Seat Belt is fashioned from a strong and flexible material that has the ability to absorb shock. It keeps your pet safe in the auto’s seat when an impact occurs. The one-size fits all bungee design has an adjustable strap system with a universal buckle to fit any model of automobile.

With the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt,

The Innovative PawSafe Dog Seat Belt is Easy, Comfortable and Effective.


The dog seatbelt design has been proven safe by researchers and experts.


With a 360 degree swivel, you never have to worry about your pet becoming tangled in the car’s seat. The design is comfortable and versatile.


Keep your pet safe so you can both enjoy the trip!

Protect Your Pet For Potential Car Accidents

Discover the Benefits of the

PawSafe Dog Seat Belt


Attaches to your dog’s leash, harness, or collar.


The universal design fits most automobile makes and models.


Made of a special thick nylon, the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt is anti-chew and won’t tangle.


Gives you peace of mind so you can drive without worry or distractions.


Effectively protects your dog during sudden stopping and accidents.


Your dog can stand or sit while wearing the PawSafe Dog Seat Belt.

PawSafe Dog Seat Belt,

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PawSafe Dog Seat Belt



The PawSafe Dog Seat Belt is designed with optimum length – my dog can easily sit or stand in the seat while remaining safe for the entire ride.

Verified Buyer

“I like the length and security the PawSafe Seat Belt gives my Husky to be comfortable and safe.”


Verified Buyer

“It's super important to secure your dog in the car, and when you do get a seatbelt I can recommend PawSafe.”


Our 100% Ironclad Satisfaction Guarantee

Your happiness is our priority, which is why we offer 50% off pluse free shipping. If your unused and unaltered Pawsafe is in its original packaging, we will accept returns within 30 days of the date you received it. Within 3-5 business days, your funds will be returned to you.

Cindy Wilkinson,President

The Best Way to Protect Your Dog in Case of a Car Accident

The Best Way to Protect Your Dog in Case of a Car Accident

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PawSafe Dog Seat Belt,
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this with a collar?

We recommend using the PawSafe with a harness instead of a collar for optimum safety.

What size do I need?

One size fits all. Our Paw Safe seatbelts are fully adjustable.

Does this protect against whiplash?

When used with a harness your dog is less likely to suffer a neck injury but whiplash can occur during any accident. The special bungee built in the back of the PawSafe seat belt effectively helps absorb shock and reduce the likelihood of whiplash.

Can I use this for a puppy?

The PawSafe seat belt is suitable for all ages, breeds, and sizes.