September 23, 2021 by Kiesha M.

This Lip Scrub Made My Lips Lush, Plump and Super-Kissable for My Wedding Day!

Little girls always dream about the day they will get married. Everything must be perfect. The hair, the makeup, and the dress should all look amazing. From the moment Monique and her fiancé picked a date for their wedding, she started to plan the event. Her gown would be a design choice from Vera Wang, her hair would be pinned in an upswept coif, and her makeup would appear natural. Monique knew how it important it was to have a self-care routine that would help her special day be extra magical. 

This is when Monique decided to embark on a 21 day challenge so she would feel more confident and beautiful for her big day. And one of the methods that helped Monique get her confidence back was taking extra good care of her lips. She was able to achieve luscious, extra-plump lips on her special day with this awesome, natural lip-scrub that changed her whole attitude! 

Lipstick is Out, and Lip Scrubs are In

It's always good to be au-natural and let your lips breathe. That's why we suggest to put more focus on the self-care of lips, it's good to always give some TLC, especially in these cold seasons. Lipstick has its place, but the color doesn’t look natural and creates a mess - especially during eating, or giving a big smooch to your favorite puppy. Honestly, lips look their best in a natural state when they are voluptuous and healthy. Hydrated lips have a vibrant healthy hue that far surpasses lipstick in beauty and appeal. That's why it's important to invest into a good lip-scrub that will exfoliate those dead-cells and not irritate those lips. 

Monique Achieved Her Plump Lips With This Lip Scrub!

Everyone wants kissable, soft lips. Monique regularly suffered from cracked lips and cold sores (especially whenever she experienced stress) so she decided to take a proactive stance by ensuring her lips look and feel amazing for her wedding day. Clean Kisses Conditioning Lip Scrub provides optimum hydration to create a plump pout. Monique can attest to the success of the formula. Her lips felt thin, dry, and flaky prior to trying Clean Kisses Lip Scrub. Now her pucker appears full, smooth, and luscious.

Get Kissable Lips

Upgrade your lip care routine with a nourishing lip scrub that softens, smooths and hydrates.


Try Our 21-Day Challenge!

Monique started using Clean Kisses lip scrub about 21 days prior to her upcoming wedding. She didn’t want to wear lipstick and leave the smudgy mess on her groom’s face when the clergy announced that it was time to ‘kiss the bride.’ Although, Clean Kisses does help smooth lips to create the perfect palette for lipstick. Instead, she wanted a more natural option to enhance her lips for her big day, so she picked Clean Kisses by ÀṢẸ Beauty and used it consistently for 21 days. The result Monique got were amazing, she continues using this lip-scrub even after her big day, because it's natural and perfect as hydration for her lips!

Why Use a Lip Scrub?

In recent years, women have started turning to lip enhancements such as collagen and other fillers to enlarge their lips. However, imagine a delicious lip conditioner that doesn’t involve injections and needles. Clean Kisses works by conditioning the delicate skin to soften and strengthen the muscle in your lips. Wave ‘bye-bye’ to flaky, rough lips. The 100 percent natural formula locks in moisture to create satin soft lips that will always look plump.

Extreme Weather and Lips Don't Go Together

Extreme weather such as winter dryness, summertime heat, wind, sand, air pollution, and sun exposure all sap the moisture from lips causing the delicate skin to discolor, peel, and crack. Without proper protection, lips can start to shrivel, and lines develop that look reminiscent of a smoker’s wrinkling. In extreme situations, the delicate lip membrane can start to crack. Start taking care of your lips today!

A Beachside Wedding and a Kiss to Remember

For most of her life, Monique dreamed of a beachside wedding, but she also knew that the salt-laden air, sea breeze, and extreme sun would take a toll on her lips but with Clean Kisses, she would be able to protect her pout and continued to look incredible for the big day. Clean Kisses helped Monique find her Zen. Her lips went from thin to lush by using the self-care solution. Without a doubt, the product is a miracle in a bottle which can instantly transform thin lips into a robust pout while smoothing away any fine lines or wrinkles. Monique's lips became kissable and beautiful for her special day.

Optimum Lip Nourishment

Clean Kisses has been formulated to combat drying, peeling, and blistering. The ingredients nourish the delicate skin, so lips become kissable soft. Lips require extra care and tailored ingredients to look amazing

How To Use Clean Kisses Conditioning Lip Scrub

Gently rub a small amount of the Clean Kisses Lip Scrub onto bare lips before wiping clean with a cloth. Use 2 - 3 times a week for the sweetest, softest lips.


Clean Kisses by ÀṢẸ Beauty

ÀṢẸ Beauty has revolutionized skincare and beauty product ingredients by using only formulas that focus on nourishment that are safe for human health and the environment.

With Clean Kisses, each ingredient works together in perfect harmony to create a superior lip scrub product.

Choose your package

Clean Kisses Conditioning Lip Scrub

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$ 25

$ 35
  • Buffs away flakes
  • Softens dry lips
  • Cools and Invigorates Plumpness

Clean Kisses Conditioning Mix N' Match Lip Scrub

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  • Enriched with natural ingredients
  • Try each flavor for maximum results
  • Deep conditions and leaves them glossy

Clean Kisses Conditioning Mix N' Match Lip Scrub

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  • Great gift idea to share with bffs
  • Mix and Match Flavors
  • Subtle boost to plump lips, helps with collagen production

We Use The Highest Quality Natural Ingredients.

  • Sugar Crystals and Natural Humectants

    The rough sugar crystals break away dry flakes of skin and the natural humectants help to further soothe and smooth. Sugar is an amazing exfoliant that has been used for centuries to combat dry skin and lift away the unwanted flakes.

  • Shea Butter

    For centuries people have used shea butter to condition and moisturize their skin. The formula that goes into Clean kisses was obtained from shea nut trees cultivated in West Africa. The superb, creamy consistency spreads easily across the lips’ delicate tissue. In addition, the shea butter has an extra high concentration of fatty acids and vitamins that reduce inflammation and promote the lips’ natural healing abilities for smoother and softer skin.

  • Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba plant oil is obtained from the Simmondsia Chinensis. The lightweight oil easily penetrates deep into the skin’s layers to deliver a bevy of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that further hydrate and plump the skin. Jojoba works fantastic on dry, chapped lips by providing the tissue with the nutrients needed to dramatically improve the lips’ health and appearance.

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil helps the lips membranes retain hydration to effectively combat dryness.

Lip Scrub Transformation

Janet. / California

“This is by far my favorite product . My lips are normally very dry and this lip scrub leaves them absolutely moisturized all day. My face even looks soft and vibrant because the lips are the focal point and they look so hydrated. I would highly recommend it. After using the product twice a day for almost three weeks, my lips feels softer and I have a much healthier complexion. Looks like I've found a new beauty routine--simple and effective!!”

Kiesha C. / Georgia

“Honestly, my friends are obsessed with this product and introduced me to it. I know that it’s hard to find organic products for self-care, so I use this one instead because it has clean ingredients. Also, the feeling of your lips feels incredible. I feel as though my lips feel softer and fuller-but and super hydrated. I even noticed that a lot of my fine lines on the lips are disappearing. This is a great product, love it.

Michelle T. / Illinois

“Excellent lip treatment. I see it on my super dry lips and instantly they feel baby-soft. I have tried organic Argan oil, and many different scrubs with no results. This product is wonderful. It worked the first time. I use it every day and night. My lips are no longer dry with thick skin. My lips are smooth and moisturized. This product has a nice pleasant fragrance.”

Carol A. / Texas

“Very light and creamy but not greasy at all. It has a very light scent making it good for those with sensitivities and for men and women. I would highly recommend this lip scrub and I will be purchasing more in the future! I also got my mom one and she already told me that after using it for a week, she sees such a difference in her plumpness - she said they feel alive! This product line is incredible, I love that they use simple ingredients.

  • “I searched for new lip scrub for a while and came across this on Instagram. I wanted to try just a small amount before buying the larger size. This is perfect for travel and my gym bag, anywhere on the go where you want to give that oomph-to your lips, they honestly are my tiny little secret. Everyone always asks how I get such nice lips, I credit this product!"

    - Tabitha S. California

  • “I absolutely love this stuff. I literally just got it in the mail the other day, I bought it after a friend of mine highly recommended it. And I'm already seeing a positive change in my lips instantly! I struggle with keeping my lips looking hydrated. I'm just so happy with this sample pack, the price was on point and now that I'm in love, I'll pay whatever price for the full size set once it's out”

    - Sophia O., Washington

  • “It was perfect and didn't make my lips greasy like my heavier treatremets I apply. It was very refreshing and plumped up my lips and made it look younger and fuller. Love that these products are all natural, this is the perfect little gift to yourself and your loved one, don't miss out on it!”

    - Ashley W., California

FAQs About Lip Scrubs

  • Will lip scrubs enlarge lips?

    Many people mistakenly believe that lip scrubs enlarge lips, but the formula heightens the hydration level and health of the lips to return them to a younger, plumper appearance. Healthy lips are naturally full and sensuous. They don’t require unnatural fillers or plumpers.

  • Are lip scrubs good for lips?

    Yes, just like all parts of the body, lips require hydration, moisturization, and nutrition. The formula in Clean Kisses is brimming with healthy ingredients to meet the needs of the lips’ tissue.

  • Why do people use lip scrubs?

    People use lip scrubs to enhance their lips naturally and restore their youthful appearance.

  • Can I Use Lip Scrubs Every Day?

    Use a lip scrub two to three times per week to create soft lips. Rub the Clean Kiss Lip scrub directly on bare lips. Let the lip scrub absorb into the lips’ tissue for 20 to 30 seconds. Wipe clean with a cloth.

  • Where are your lip scrubs manufactured?

    Lip Scrubs made in the US.

Our Lip Scrub Range Flavors

60 Day "Pleasant Pout" Money Back Guarantee

Use Clean Kisses risk-free for 60 days.

When Monique’s wedding day dawned, the weather was lovely. The sun gleamed across the white sandy expanse of the coastline and the azure water glistened in the background. Best of all, she looked like a princess. Her natural beauty was picture perfect and needed no cosmetic enhancements. Monique’s lips were pouty, kissable perfection thanks to Clean Kisses.