Perfect Plasma Cutter Guide

  • Weld custom, precise lines and circles
  • Flawless guided cuts every time
  • Save a Ton of Time

Cut Metal With Precision

The Circular Plasma Cutter Guide was made for any project needing clean cuts, lines and circles.

The two steel wheels effortlessly guide your cutter for precise circles in a fraction of the time using one simple motion!

Try our Cutter guide so that you can work quickly, easily and safely on every project!

What Cutter Guide Does For YOU:

Makes Perfect Circles - Adjust the size of the circle and simply push; perfect every single time!

Easily Guides - The two wheels guide your plasma cutter tip for exact and precise welding.

Welds The Impossible - Install your guide and cut from any angle. Get precise results that others can't!

Simplifies Welding - Your Circular Plasma guide turns big jobs into fun projects by making welding more simple, like drawing.

Cut Like A Pro
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Get Perfect Results EVERY TIME!

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Well made product. Really high qulity. I love it!

- Rasheed R

The product came quickly. I recommend everyone! Great device, thank you!

- Tyler S

I'm impressed og the quality of this thing. I'm very satisfied

- Shayna D

Adjustable Plasma Cutter Guide

  • Perfect Welds
  • Precise circles and lines
  • Save time, money and improve quality guaranteed!