Trading has become increasingly popular, especially in recent times with an estimated $8.6 trillion traded globally during each 24-hour period in 2020.

According to Traders Expert, “while the popularity of global Traditional Trading spreads across the world, the reasons behind people taking the leap into becoming a day trader are considerably more diverse”.

In the late stages of 2019, Traders Expert opened its gates to its new community members , with a whopping increase from the year before. The reason behind the growth? People wanting to work from home and control their own hours and income. All this data was collected through a member feedback survey Traders Expert sent out to their entire community.

“2020 is going to be a record year for beginner traders. In almost every country, trading has been unprecedented growth patterns. We are glad to be welcoming a new wave of young investors looking to build financial freedom in what is quite possibly one of the best times to start building a secondary wealth, if not so - These are the foundations which we lay today.”

How can you start your own journey?

Beginner traders were introduced to traditional trading throughout social media & other online websites, which heavily promotes trading to it’s millennial consumer base..

A host of online trading platforms, which are service providers facilitating what we know as retail trading, have emerged to connect beginner traders to simple-to-use platforms where they can trade stocks and other assets without the need to know anything technical, which is followed by a term known as: "Baby Steps" or "Learn, Think - Trade".

Millennials signing up to get a piece of the pie is what is driving the innovation in the trading industry. Now that there is a huge demand for easier to use platforms, education providers, online courses and other companies like Traders Expert, which constantly working with focus groups around the world to get user feedback and implement a more friendlier experience. Traders Expert decided to take it to the next level by creating their community which turns you to an "EXPERT" based on the education material provided and the experience shared between the community members, not forgetting their focus own generating their on free courses & education materials while at the same time running two additional assets to support diversity and increased knowledge base.

“Stop believing these ads & solicitors claiming that: "Everything is automated!" "Make money here, make money there". This is a time realize that a quick hit and run will not work for the long run, also, trying to take upon something new while collaborating your daily family routine at the same time, will not work without support, hence our community, which shares, assists and contributes to this journey.

It is true to say: that "The majority of Trading nowadays is being done by robots and computers, they are the ones making the decisions for you”, but in reality, there is always a man or women making the final decision based on experience, indicators and most important human skills.

The Return on Investment...

The question is: "Where else can you see returns on your investment in less than 30 days? And the answer what type of return you are looking for? Is it a financial one increasing your capital or is there an alternative return, which is the return as a result of investing in your self?

According to our community members, buying shares or stocks of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or any other big company shares has no comparison to the investment or in our case, buying your self the education, course, guidance you need to get started... There is no price tag on such return.

For example, in early June 2020 when Royal Carribean Cruiseline stock crashed to $33 per share and sold it back at $65 a share three weeks later, what does it even mean for a non experienced trader wannabe? how can we even find and identify these opportunities if we have no idea what should we be looking for.

You may be living with your mom and sister, or if you are busing tables at Olive Garden, unemployed or anything else, this journey is the investment we can all place in to a better future, saying this with no needed investment, just your time to sit back and start learning step by step how you can start building up a decent capital and knowledge to maintain it.

Welcome to the New age of your own journey

Wouldn't it be great to have a robot trade on your behalf and earn guaranteed profits? A robot capable of scraping the entire internet, real time news, and financial markets in nanoseconds to make split second trading decisions for you?

Well sorry to disappoint you, but if such a robot really exists would anyone share it at all? That’s exactly the main difference you can find with Traders Expert which offers to its customers, a trading journey, a path which is suitable for all, that handles thee complicated aspects of trading in a simple wrap.

What do you need to get started?

Your journey starts here, following our link to the next page where you can enjoy a free mini video series and ebook about trading stocks for beginners. While keeping in mind that you will be able to find additional education materials helping you increase your knowledge base before taking any further actions & decisions.

A basic understanding of stocks, internet connection, and less than an hour each day. The journey from signing up to an asset watch list, building your confidence, choosing the suitable assets to match your personality and experience, finding a financial institution to facilitate this path actually being able to create trade with confidence. Communities like Traders Expert are a starting point providing a stepping board with an additional variety of advanced products and services which are available for you and other members of the community to rank and review before using.

“In reality our goal is to get your grandma to sign up and have her trading stocks! That is honestly what is discussed in our meetings! Simply because we really believe that anyone can trade as long as they are not PUSHED in to this and as long as they are smart trading and committed."

As far as how much to invest, where to trade and all other frequently asked questions we are being asked by the majority of our members and visitors, we can help you there with our reviews, videos and comparisons to assist you finding the suitable solution you need based on your location. But a good start would be simply following up on the next page which offers our first free online course.

Why Traders Expert?

The answer is in the offering and source of information we have. When we started we had no idea what is left or right, the only thing we wanted to have is some information, guidance, educational material... a starting point and OH BOY... how we epicly failed this task since the majority of sites and web pages out there were basically just a big misleading scams, or simply npt providing half of what they promised.

This is not rocket science, but it is also not hard to start up and decide if this is indeed something I find interesting enough to spend 30 minutes a day.

Most Important, the community and all is really nice, it is the fact that the videos we create, live webinars and more are all made by REAL Traders and teachers which we've partnered up with.

Take a brave step and just enroll to our community to watch your First Video.

"Claim you free online course, "Learn To trade Stocks Series"

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