Nothing Can Stop Us!
Nothing Can Stop Us!

Savage family,

Tough times don't last, tough people do. Let's keep fighting!

Here at Savage HQ, we are known for creating world class obstacle course races. People loved them so much that we decided to create The Savage Challenge. Something that they can do anywhere, anytime!

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4 weeks

What is the challenge?

4 weeks 14 challenges

We challenge you to complete 14 workouts deigned by top industry experts in 4 weeks alternating between non-running conditioning and run training drills. Sign up any time but the countdown begins when you start your first workout!

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Designed by Top Savage Athletes

Top Savage athletes like Chrissy Mcfarland, Yuri p Force, Rachel and Ken Corigliano, Ryan Woods and many more developed our running workouts in addition to the elite training organization CompTrain who created our non-running conditioning.

Something for Everyone!

You don't HAVE to register to workout, but if you do for $35:

  • You will receive a shirt and medal to show for your achievement.
  • Your completion will count towards Savage Syndicate, our loyalty program designed to reward all of our straight savages!
  • You will be supporting us during uncertain times
Access the challenges for free

Program Mechanics

  • This program was designed to be used ANYWHERE or ANYTIME by ANYONE! If you have basic workout equipment, GREAT! If not, we have a full body weight option available.
  • All challenges were designed to push you to your limits, that's the point! In the end, you will be stronger, faster, healthier and conditioned.
  • These challenges are split evenly with running and non running workouts 7+7. There is a "Race" option for more running distance on running challenges and/or a blitz option, a quicker version of the same workout.
  • You will have 28 days to complete all 14 workouts unless you sign up for both Blitz AND Race options. Then, you will have 56 days total.
  • We provide you with your own downloadable "Savage Anywhere Challenge Log" to track your results. Share progress, results or photos in the Savage Syndicate FB group for motivation.
  • Scale your workouts and go the proper pace for your fitness level. Interchange the Blitz and Race options as needed! Scale weight and movements as needed to match your capability. Walking, speed walking, and rucking are all great substitutes for running, but the point is to push yourself!
  • Upon completion, paid registrants fill out this form to claim their T-shirt and medal. CONGRATULATIONS!
  • All workouts will be posted here and updated every 2 days
Access the challenges for free