As Diego Maradona used to say, “who wouldn't want to be a millionaire?”.

Of course, money isn't everything in life, but that doesn't stop many of us from fantasising about hitting on that million dollar idea that rescues us from the daily 9-5 lifestyle.

Much as we may dream about it, becoming a millionaire certainly doesn’t come easy, especially for younger people without capital to invest – but for some it has proved possible.

Here’s how these two millennials achieved overnight success trading stocks - all from starting out in their bedrooms and a simple platform.

The Bedroom Millionaires

Vicente Gonzalez, 30, from Santiago

“I’ve not always been good with money. In fact, I've found myself in massive debt in the past - but I’ve always loved learning new things, especially related to technology. I think that’s where my interest in cryptocurrencies comes from. I first heard about Bitcoin Investor – an automated crypto trading platform on a TV commercial and signed up to give it a try.

In 2019, Vivente sold his motorcycle - a value around $2,500 - and invested it into trading cryptocurrency on Bitcoin Investor.

“I started with an investment of $200, then a couple days later $1,000 and within 60 days I was managing over $10,000 in earnings. Although I hit 1million in revenue within a year of launching, it all went back into the investing on Bitcoin Investor. I live moderately and I am focused on taking care of many generations beyond me”

Martin Fiera, 36, from São Paulo

“Since I was 14 years-old I have been working at my family restaurant. Due to the pandemic, we were forced to close down and paying bills for our home and business has been very difficult. I began using Bitcoin Investor in 2019 after learning about it through a family friend. I purchased BTC, ETH and XRP, around $400 worth and within a couple of weeks, I was sitting on enough earnings to consider taking this trading journey seriously.”

Martin is a line cook with no experience in financial trading. His entire journey has been self funded and getting started required a very basic understanding of how to use the platform interface.

“When I signed up to trade I was impressed with how easy the process was. There are no complicated graphs and data tables like you see in movies; the platform looks like Facebook and they do all the trading for you”.

Begin Your Journey Trading

There are two main ways to make money with cryptocurrency. The first one is purchasing and holding various assets and then selling them after a period of time when their worth increases.

The second method is using automated software to make daily micro trades on market exchanges.

While ‘holding’ currency is a good investment strategy that may pay off someday, trading it through automated triggers and machine learning logic is the fastest and most efficient route to high profits.

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Crypto Trading Bots Simplifying Trading

Now, since we are talking about time, let’s come into the cryptocurrency trading bots that have actually made an easier path to earn millions by investing a small capital in the crypto world. This is because the recently developed digital crypto trading bots have been successful in saving a lot of users’ time and let them earn ample money within days and that too in exchange for quite a small amount.

Trading bots are gradually revolutionizing as they have been proving themselves to be much more efficient compared to humans. Trading bots like the Bitcoin Revolution site have made trading with the crypto world very much efficient.

You would be capable of making much profit in the most convenient way as well, but if you take the assistance of a personal trading bot, things get way too uncomplicated. Here you will have a thorough idea about the features and service you can get by trading crypto coins with Bitcoin Revolution.

Before you get into the details, we would love to announce that this particular crypto trading bot is relatively easy to handle and it is excellent for both experienced and new traders.

Another amazing feature you get from this platform is that you are allowed to customize trading strategies and trading signals besides availing an easily understandable trading site. With the Bitcoin Revolution, you get the opportunity to start your trading with a deposit of an amount as low as 250 USD. Bitcoin Revolution also lets you copy and backtest signals and strategies to upgrade your winning boundary and profitability.

Get Started Today

Here is how you can get started in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Register for a Fresh Account

In order to create a new account with the Bitcoin Revolution, you have to fill a concise form with a set of basic information like account name, email address, your phone number that is mainly needed for verifying your account. This process, however, is a very easy and short process and can be smoothly done within 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Deposit on your Trading Account

After you are done with creating the account, you are now all set to deposit your money to your account that will be used to trade crypto. Funding your account with the Bitcoin Revolution includes various methods such as deposit via debit card, credit card, Paypal, or Skrill.

People from different parts of the world are using this platform, and hence several depositing methods are quite helpful for all to fund any currency using any method. This procedure is also very quick to get over with so that you can get to the next level where you can start with real trading.

Here you need to be aware of two different things regarding the funding of the money in your account. The minimum amount you can deposit using the Bitcoin Revolution is 250 USD. If you are not an experienced investor in a digital platform like the Bitcoin Revolution, you should always go for the minimum amount as the crypto world is full of risks. Once you get the surety of the return from the trade, you can go for larger amounts.

Step 3: Knowing about the Demo Trading

This is undoubtedly one of the best features you get while using this platform. This is actually a guide that lets you have enough education about real trading. This becomes a mandatory step because there are various tips you should be aware of while funding in your account for trading with the digital assets.

You can test trades and every setting of the program in demo mode. More experiments can lead you to comprehend the robot more. Our experience says that demo trading on this platform is definitely very assisting in teaching us well about trading. It would help if you always went through the demo trading phase to be more educated about the operation of the platform.

Step 4: The Live Trading with the Bitcoin Revolution

Live trading with crypto actually can be accomplished with any of two specific processes. The first one is manual trading which is quite easy to be very honest, but it requires experience, which is not possible for the beginner. So, here comes the second process. The second process is what we are here to deal with the automated trading method.

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