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CHA-CHING: College Dropout is Now a Millionaire thanks to this new App
Move over Robinhood, Bitcoin Trader is making new waves!
TRENDING NOW | 2021.09.26
Writer & Contributor, WIRED

Atheer Atilia made a friendly bet with his folks that when he turned 21 and was a millionaire, they wouldn’t force him to attend The University of Malaysia to complete his degree in Managerial Accounting. Thanks to Bitcoin Trader, Atheer doesn’t need to finish his schooling because his investments in crypto are at a current all-time high valuation.

“I can finally say that I made it, and I no longer need to waste my time in a program that I don’t enjoy,’ Atilia said.

Atheer currently owns 415 btc, which at current value is over $4.5 million, he also has smaller investments in other cryptocurrencies like ethereum and litecoin.

Atilia believes that the best days are still ahead. “I truly do think that crypto is going to the moon and will be worth $100,000 a coin before 2021. This means that if more people join Bitcoin Trader, the more useful it will get for everyone involved” he said.

With Bitcoin Trader you don’t have to do any of the work, the machine learning platform does all the trading for you. All you need to do is make a deposit and watch your earnings. You can withdraw or add more funds whenever you’d like and there are no banks or middlemen involved.

“The customer service is beyond top-notch, the fees are incredibly low and they have rigorous security standards. If you are serious about making money and trading bitcoin then this should be the first and only platform you work with”

By leveraging real time market news and market inventory, Bitcoin Trader is able to intelligently predict and make pinnacle trades within seconds before the market reacts. The new open-source, fully independent crypto-currency doubles users profit without a lift of a finger.

Founded by ex-Google CPO, Harshan Fajour, Bitcoin Trader is breaking into the mainstream world of investing as they prepare for their public launch in 2020.

“That’s the main reason why I started to use Bitcoin Trader and lost all motivation to attend my mundane college classes. Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading platform that uses machine learning algorithms to trade autonomously on your behalf. It does all the work for you!”

Few years ago, the only way to make profit was through a so-called “Mining” solution - this process requires a lot of computational power, typically multi-core CPU systems or specialized bitcoin miners. However, with Bitcoin Trader all it takes to make profit is a registered account set-up and the bot trades crypto in front of your eyes, completely on autopilot.

“I always recommend Bitcoin Trader because it’s the easiest and safest platform, you seriously sit back, relax and let Bitcoin Trader do the magic! You can bet that the platform does not sleep, or takes holiday trips. It’s an everlasting profit machine right at your fingertips ”

Atilia sold some of his crypto investment through Bitcoin Trader and launched his online mentorship for students, just like himself that are struggling in school to find teachers over video chat.

“I have the financial freedom to do whatever I please, and my parents have no problem that I never got my degree.”

  • Sign up for an account: Creating an account takes only a couple of minutes. Bitcoin Trader is very serious about their security so they may have you upload a drivers license.
  • Connect your bank account: Bitcoin Trader let’s you withdraw earnings every single day. With a click of the withdraw button, you can send your earnings directly to your bank account. Lee claims the average time for the money to show in your bank account is 3 business days.
  • Take a minute to understand: Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading platform that uses machine-learning algorithms to make trades for you. You do not need trading experience, you just need to trust the system and monitor your earnings.
Day One:

On day one, I signed up with the simple registration form. I made a small sum deposit to serve as trading funds using my debit card. I was assured that this deposit would be 100% refundable if I decided not to continue. On the first day, I reviewed the information on the Bitcoin Trader website and software. My balance was $250 at this point. I was pretty excited using the system. Especially after researching and reading the news about all the others who made huge amounts of money from the Bitcoin Trader. I “executed” my first trade, with help of the system. It was so easy. A bit after I went to bed and decided I would check the results only when reaching the office the next day.

On the show, Janine was able to make $73.18 in profit after 3 minutes, for me, it took much longer. The platform took 20 hours to generate a $80.19 profit, which still impressed me a lot! I've never purchased Bitcoin before and never made a trade in my life, yet here I was able to generate profits.

Day Two:

On day two, I was eager to see the results. I logged into my account right after making my morning coffee. It was almost 9:00 am, so at this point, it has been about 12 hours since I placed the first trade. I logged into the site, feeling nervous and excited. I remember asking myself if the funds would still be there. I felt a little anxious.

At first, I thought I had made a mistake. "Was this my account?" I remembered thinking... I doubled checked the account name in the corner – "yes it was mine!". At this point, I almost dropped my coffee! I could see that my new balance was $1,451.72. Incredible! In only 12 hours, while I was sleeping, my account made more than $1,100 profit from the $250 that I had funded initially. I’m glad I remembered to make a screenshot of it as proof (above) for others of what I experienced that morning. I wrote to my account manager, who was helping me at the broker I used to fund the trading account with, amazingly enough, he was not surprised at all. “This is normal”, he said, “in fact, we often see people earning more than that in their first 12 hours”. I was impressed, this thing was really working. For the rest of the day, I could hardly concentrate while trying to manage my daily tasks here at Bitcoin Magazine.

Day Three:

On day three of my trading experience, I was really getting into it. I could see that this wasn’t some sort of complicated system for fund managers and stockbrokers. This was easy and not only that, it was very clear how I was earning so much money. A trader can earn thousands in profits without any effort. Somehow, the Bitcoin Trader system opens up these possibilities to all of us. It allows you to trade on any financial market in an automated way. It may be the most powerful money making tool ever created. On day three, the software made more trades on my account at the broker’s platform. I spent about 15 minutes checking that the trades are opened. By the time I went to bed, my account had reached an incredible $3,080.95. I started to dream about spending these funds. I could pay off my credit card debt and buy a new car. I decided to wait longer and see how much I could make.

Day Four:

It's just the fourth day and my experiment is over. In general, we all knew it, we knew that the Bitcoin Trader system is going to work based on many testimonials and other case studies. However, I did have to try it myself. I had to make sure of it for my readers! Today, things really have taken off. Once again, the Bitcoin Trader system has proven to be working very reliably and its calculations had an incredible accuracy percentage. I saw on my account $6,161.92. In just 4 remarkable days. I wish you all the same trading experience that I had and encourage you all to trade without any fear or doubt, as long as you choose the method shown above since I don’t vouch for any method I didn’t use.


"This could change the Australian Economy Forever! Such advances in modern technology have given rise to new economies like this. Its popularity is no surprise. With Brexit and everything else going on right now - this could change everything."

Want to give this system a try? Use this link to sign up to the Bitcoin Trader system and to take advantage of the promotion and receive your free bonus now.

We’re pleased to say that Chris Chen and the Bitcoin Trader team wanted to extend a special thank you to our Wired readers. They’re eager to make it easy for people like you to take advantage of the innovative trading platform.

So, they’ve decided to offer you an amazing offer to first time customers! However, due to the massive amount of press that Bitcoin Trader has been receiving since the beginning of the year, their free support specialists are limited. As a result, this offer is available for one day only. If you want to lock in this incredible promotional offer and make a ton of money with automated trading...lock in now! Want to see how much money you can make? Enter your information below to find out.

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