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The most powerful SMS Marketing Campaign Platform in the World

A Revolutionary SMS Marketing Platform Powered by AI and Built for Performance Marketers.

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Same Budget.
40% More Conversions.

A robust and dynamic SMS tool for professional SMS marketers.

Reduce Costs

Save big with our patented list cleaning technology.

Improve Delivery

We split test providers ensuring highest delivery.

Increase Sales

Increase ROI with our powerful optimization tools.

About Us

SMS Marketing Campaign Optimization On Steroids

The first ever SMS software designed and built for professional media buyers. Use our granular analytics and split testing software to understand what works and optimize your campaigns for optimal perfromance.

  • Real-time SMS, clicks, signups and sales analytics
  • Split test texts, landing pages, age, gender and more
  • Engage with customers at the most optimal buying time
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Granular Analytics and Contact Management

Clean, segment, and manage all of your subscribers with our intuitive contact manager. Built with compliance filters and permission levels to also manage campaign managers.

  • Real-time Insights
    Break down conversions by state, age group, time of day, gender, and more custom variables.
  • Save Money
    Use our three-step number verification technology to save money on inactive numbers
  • Funnel View
    Track funnel conversions by seeing who clicked, signed, or made a purchase.

AI Powered SMS Routing Technology

Powered by the most advanced technology, a proprietary scoring algorithm and unparalleled global reach. SMSEdge’s patented Open Communication Marketplace split tests dozens of communication providers, ensuring the highest delivery

  • Real-time Bidding
    We have a network of over 100+ different communication providers who bid for your traffic
  • Optimization
    Split test routes, ads, offers & lists to generate optimal performance
  • Benchmark Test
    Did you find a winning route? Test it against many others in a single campaign

All-in-one SMS Software


Routing Technology

Each route is ranked according to a series of variables rating its performance based on ability to deliver, CTR and price.

Real-Time Unique CTR Tracking

Offer links are replaced with a URL shortener and embedded with a unique code to track each and every SMS.

Intuitive &

Ready-to-go and easy-to-use user interface. No development or heavy-duty integration required.

Conversion Tracking

Dynamic parameters and pixel tracking accurately tag each number within the acquisition funnel - click, lead and sale.

Performance & ROI Reports

Designed to do introduce performance to SMS campaign ROI is boosted and efficiency is significantly increased.

Rest API

Advanced API integration provides with a simple way to add powerful SMS capabilities to any application.

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Send Only To Active Numbers


Campaign Split Testing


Best Performing Route Based on Bidding and Ranking


Unique Tracking Per Number



Customers Served


SMS Delivered


Full Time Developers


Rated SMS Software

What Questions Do Our Customers Ask Most Often?

01How Does SMS Marketing Work?

SMS stands for “short message service” and it is what most people would simply call text messaging or texting. It is the most basic form of text-based messaging on mobile devices and it has been around for decades. SMS text messaging is distinct from more “app” and “service” based messengers like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, iMessage, and WhatsApp Messenger.

SMS keywords is a short word made out of letters or/and numbers. A keyword is the first of two basic components of every successful SMS marketing campaign.

Every SMS marketing campaign has two basic components. The first one is a keyword. The second one is SMS shortcode. The shortcode is a short phone number to which a keyword needs to be sent to trigger the response

Absolutely. Businesses can schedule the day and time that their text message marketing campaign is launched.

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