Good investments happen every day, but great investments (think Apple, Microsoft) only come around once in a while and savvy investors know when to take advantage of an innovative, industry-defining company. That’s what we’re seeing today with the green energy and ultimate luxury vehicle company, Tesla and the genius behind the cutting edge technology, Elon Musk.

Musk has taken over the luxury vehicle industry and blown away all competition with state-of-the-art tech and the name Tesla has only just begun.

My biggest regret? Not investing sooner.

The Opportunity Cost Is Greater Than Many Other Stocks

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a car guy, nor was I much of an investor up until a few months ago when my perspective shifted. The stock market can seem intimidating when you’re just beginning to learn the ins and outs of good and bad investments, but there’s a few companies that stand out above all the rest.

Tesla is one of those companies. Why? The company doesn’t focus on delivering a single product, instead it has a goal of being the leader in sustainable energy. This mission is what sets Tesla apart and it’s the reason you will be reaching your financial goals in just a short time.

In 2010, when Tesla cars first hit the market, the company sold 13.3 million shares for just $17 a pop. If you had invested just 10 years ago, you would have seen an 8300% increase!

But the time to invest hasn’t passed. Tesla has barely scratched the surface of its potential and has already made leaps and bounds in terms of technological advancement.

Now’s the time to catch the train and see how Tesla can take you into financial freedom.

Renewable Energy First, Car Company Second

When we think of Tesla, we often think of self-driving cars and zero emissions, but there is more to it than that. Tesla has made a name for itself in sustainable technology and the world is on the brink of permanently switching to more eco-friendly, renewable energy.

Tesla products are becoming more and more in demand as countries all over the world are starting to look for green alternatives to biofuel and nonrenewable resources.

Tesla has the answer to those problems.

In 2019, the company made over $24.6 billion dollars and that’s before the great shift to green energy has really kicked off.

Now’s the time to invest as we move towards the inevitable in sustainable energy — and Tesla is blazing the path.

Tesla’s Growth Doubles Down Your Investment

The profit increase in the past couple years has grown exponentially from $11.8 billion in sales in 2017 to nearly $25 billion in just TWO years! That’s more than double in 24 months, meaning that what you invest today could be thousands more down the road.

When I invested in Tesla after doing my research into the company and being impressed with the ever-increasing profits, I wasn’t expected to see results fast. Investments take time to accumulate and I was ready to play the long game…

Tesla is the only company I’ve invested in where I see significant increase in each quarter. It wasn’t long until my investment really started to show just how in demand the company is and how its products are truly unique and generation-defining.

Since investing in my first few stocks, I’ve now seen my investments grow virtually overnight!

Green Cars Sells Themselves

Tesla is years ahead of any competition in the car industry because of one simple fact. Green cars sell themselves.

The idea of owning a luxury, sustainable, 100% electric vehicle is a dream for most people and there’s really only one name that comes to mind when you think of top quality, advanced vehicles: Tesla.

Brands like Ford, GM, and Toyota are still spending billions of dollars per year on marketing their vehicles, cutting into their yearly costs. Tesla on the other hand barely has to market its own product because of the company's exclusivity and luxury.

Saving billions on marketing each year means that profit margins continue to increase and your stocks increase more and more over time, bringing you closer to living your dream life, whether that be owning your self-driving vehicle or retiring anywhere in the world!

Tesla Has The Wealthiest Fanbase

We see Fords and Hondas on the road everyday, but Tesla cars are show stopping vehicles for a reason. Tesla’s loyal customers include some of the wealthiest people who’s purchases allow the company to expand and create new products every year.

No other car company can boast a 91% customer retention rate with customers repeatedly purchasing new cars or upgrading to the latest models.

With its excellent customer service and expert team of innovators, Tesla goes above and beyond in its customer service, with it’s direct-to-customer model. No dealerships or sleazy salesmen necessary.

These cost-cutting methods are unique to Tesla because with a smaller, yet wealthier and faithful consumer base, the company can keep the profits to focus on advancement and overall financial increase.

Your Future Starts Now

2020 is the time to buy as we are on the brink of booming in clean, sustainable energy and Tesla is forging the way.

I didn’t understand at the time how life changing my investments in Tesla would be until I started to see just how quickly profits rise. Watching my portfolio grow exponentially is an amazing feeling, especially as I near my retirement age and wanting to finally live the life I’ve always wanted. Smart investors know that making your money work for you is the best way to gain your financial freedom.

Ready to start building your wealth? Invest in Tesla and be a part of the future of sustainable energy and innovative technology, all the while living your dreams.