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Don’t Miss Your Opportunity — Invest In Your Future Now With The Lowest Stock Prices in Oil Since 2008!

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Image caption Find Out Why You Should Be Investing In Oil Today

As investors, we love to ponder the “what if” scenarios. We often imagine how rich we’d be if we had purchased stock for that hot, up-and-coming tech company or didn’t sell a winner too soon.

Oil prices haven’t seen a dip this low since 2008 and for investors, low priced stocks are an opportunity to grow your investment portfolio and make smart decisions that will pay off in the long run. Buying as low as possible and selling high is the name of the game and right now oil stock is presenting the same opportunity as in 2008.

Investors who decided against purchasing stock in the energy sector have a lot less money than those who saw the opportunity and took advantage of the prices. When guaranteed commodities oil takes a brief dip in market value, it’s like buying stock on discount. The lowest purchase now can mean the highest return later when market value climbs exponentially as it always does once the economy starts to boom.

Seek Out The Opportunities Now

Look at it this way: The stock market is meant to have its ups and downs on a day-to day-basis, but in the long term, the price of energy resources always increases because we all need and use oil on a daily basis. Our increasing needs translate to more income for oil companies, which drives the price of your stocks up.

Remember that when you buy stock, you are purchasing a share of the company. This means that as revenue of the company increases, so does the value of the company and the shares you hold. You are entitled to an equivalent percentage of the company, depending on how many shares you hold.

This is why low stock prices are an amazing opportunity: lower stock prices means that you can purchase a larger piece of the pie for less!

Those investors that made the strategic move to purchase oil stock back in 2008?

They saw a 350% gain in stock value!

Aren’t you wishing you invested in your future then?

2020 is showing a very similar opportunity. In a lucrative market like the energy sector, it pays to play the long game rather than see the low prices reflected today and be spooked.

Another example includes Vanguard Financial (ETF). Buying banking stocks at the very bottom of the 2008 recession would have seemed foolish with companies losing money left and right. However, since it’s lowest point in 2008, Vanguard Financial has seen a 450% increase in value — investors who understood the long-term gains aren’t looking very foolish now.

The stock prices crashing for the banks in 2008 is reflected in the world recession that we are experiencing today with oil. However, as many smart investors understand, this is not a permanent situation. Oil prices are low because of the decrease in global trade; a temporary stall due to unforeseen circumstances. When trade begins again, companies will see high demand and increase in revenue, driving the price of your shares way back up.

Many market-savvy investors are recognizing the opportunity for increased return on investment or ROI that may have been overlooked in 2008. Now is the time to look into the quality energy companies that are seeing a significant dip in market value.

Despite the risk, there is ample opportunity now, in 2020, to expand an investment portfolio and set yourself up for decades worth of passive income and strong ROI potential.

But how do you know oil will bounce back?

Oil is a non-renewable resource that every single person uses on a daily basis, whether they are conscious of it or not. It’s not just the gas we use to fill our cars or heat our homes. Most of the items that we use and consume every day are manufactured with oil.

Some items you might not think about that were made using oil are:

  • Home and kitchen items like coffee pots, dish sponges, pillows, blankets, and more
  • Our essential devices like laptops, computers, phones, and smart watches
  • Our cars don’t just run on oil, our windshield wipes, upholstery, brake fluid, and dashboards are all manufactured using oil

Oil is essential to the world that we live in and even though companies are experiencing some loss in revenue due to the decrease in world trade at the moment, now is the time to invest in the peaks we will see later.

Why Buy Now?

When you do your shopping, are you looking to pay the highest price available? Of course not! It works the same with buying stocks: you are looking to pay the lowest price so that you can get the highest return possible later.

Just like you wouldn’t wait until the sale is over to make a purchase, you don’t want to wait until oil stock returns to its peak to buy in.

Imagine this: you’re an investor in the summer of 2008 and you’re looking to make some investments for your future. Oil prices seemed to be a low risk investment and were steadily climbing for the last decade.

If you had invested your money during the all-time-high in July 2008, you would have spent the rest of 2008 sweating about the money you had to make back to break even rather than the person who invested the same amount when prices were low and they are watching their money multiply as the economy recovered in 2009.

No one could have predicted the crash of ‘08 and no one could have predicted the situation we are in in 2020; however, we are using this knowledge to our advantage now and investors are ready to take the risk in oil and continue to build a promising ROI.

Now is the time to evaluate how you want your financial future to look. Multiple streams of passive income is the #1 way to achieve your financial goals and oil is presenting a very unique opportunity that is reflective of our past — one that many investors are still seeing gains from. Will you be seeing your investments in oil grow in the long run?

As of there’s still time to invest!

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I know that my husband keeps talking about this and after reading this article, it truly makes sense at how the prices will eventually go up. Makes way more sense to me when it’s laid clearly like this… I’m going to invest even by myself to surprise my family later on when the market restores.

Reply . 19 Like . 25 minutes ago

Just registered, honestly so easy to understand the turnaround of these stock markets, this is what they wanted to happen - so they can invest further into the economy at a fraction of the cost.

Reply . 53 Like . about an hour ago

Not going to miss out on this opportunity, I was already hesitant in 2008 and looked around, so many winners from that year that benefited in the crash market.

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

Signed up, super excited to see where this goes!

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

I read through the studies, and it’s true there are a lot of investors making over six figures because they invested into oil stocks earlier.s

Reply . 3 Like . 1 hour ago

damn! I keep seeing reports about this, and need to register asap.

Reply . Like . 2 hours ago

I’ve actually always invested in oil because I know it’s a commodity that we will need forever. I have no worries or doubts on how this will benefit me later on.

Reply . 12 Like . 2 hours ago