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$3,400 USD

Investors on our smart platform can easily profit over $3500 a month considering that early Zoom investors reportedly made over $1.5 billion during the company's stunning surge. There is a lot of room for growth during the Zoom’s boom, it is advised to take actionable steps today in order to secure your financial future for tomorrow.

Compare Your Investment & Potential Annual Returns

Zoom Investment is a Real Winner:

Investment Potential Annual Return

  • bank icon6 Zoom Investment
  • bank icon1 Bank deposit
  • bank icon2 Gold / Silver
  • bank icon3 Stocks (S&P 500)
  • bank icon4 Real Estate Share
  • bank icon5 Hedge Fund Deposit

Top 6 Reason to Invest Into Zoom

  • Daily Usage Numbers Growing

    Zoom’s daily usage numbers show no signs of showing. If you invest in this, then you’ll want to ride the telecommunications pony all the way to the finish line. Climbing from 10 million in December up to 200 million in March was impressive but so is Zoom’s response to the growth.

  • More Than Just a ‘For Profit’ Company

    Zoom makes its investors proud. They have made a commitment to K to 12 educational programs by offering free basic service. Now, teachers at over 90,000 schools in 20 countries can host video meetings with up to 100 participants and face no time limits on video calls.

  • The Big Names are Signing On

    Large businesses are signing on with Zoom. Johnson and Johnsonreports 60,000 users. HSBC has 290,000 users. Veeva is using Zoom for its 3,000 employees along with integrating the video chat functions directly into their own software.

  • Investment Willingness

    Zoom is dedicated to meeting the requests of their customers. Last year they developed 300 software enhancements. On April 1, Zoom’s CEO stopped enhancements to focus on the real concerns of its users which are trust, safety, and privacy.

Future of Communication With Zoom

Zoom was recently ranked first among free apps on Apple's App Store, ahead of Google and WhatsApp. Last week, the company claimed it had reached 200 million daily users. An article in Forbes magazine stated that 90,000 schools use Zoom. Teachers across 20 countries are now hosting video meetings for up to 100 participants with no limits on video call time. This is what we call the future of communication with Zoom.

Zoom's daily usage numbers have seen unprecedented growth
from 10 million in December to over 200 million in March.

Recent quarter's revenue was up 78% over the previous year

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    This platform is designed for beginners and experienced investors. Invest with ease on the smart-platform that generates profit daily.

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Big brands are investing Into the Zoom Boom

Zoom's daily usage numbers have seen unprecedented growth from 10 million in December to over 200 million in March. It had been preparing for demand surges with tens of thousands of additional servers readily available to deploy across 17 data centers around the globe.

Unlike many of its tech company peers, Zoom is profitable, even on a GAAP basis. It posted $25.3 million in net income for full-year 2019, an impressive 4.1% of the top line.

Zoom has an enormous opportunity with 200 million businesses, 90 million conference rooms, and 1.1 billion knowledge workers globally. The estimated addressable market is $43 billion, almost 70 times its trailing-12-month revenues of $622 million.

That’s why big brands like HSBC signed on with 290,000 users. Also, Johnson and Johnson has 60,000 members using the service. Veeva is another big brand that adopted Zoom as its standard for its 3,000 employees and integrated its video chat functionality into its software. Overall, customers paying over $100,000 annually grew an amazing 86% last quarter.

See What Some of
Our Investors Have to Say

  • customer img1 Profit $2,312

    Sarah M, Hungary

    Zoom investment has been the best 2020 decision I made this year, now only did I profit $860 in less than 3 days but now that I have a professional trader that does all the work for me - I can see how I’m profiting daily over $100 a day! This platform is my secret to financial freedom.

    verified buyer
  • customer img2 Profit $12,604

    Robert W, UK

    I’m new to this world of investments and trading, but with this smart-technology you honestly don’t have to be a professional. I was able to get assigned with a trader that practically did all the work and now I’m making profit without lifting a finger. It's a smart move, don’t wait.

    verified buyer
  • customer img3 Profit $8,350

    Sarah M, Hungary

    Everyone usually gets intimidated when they hear I trade with Zoom Investments, but in all honesty my kids can probably do it too, that’s how easy it is. Plus, you end up with a lot of profit at the end of the week. This is worth every investment, considering how fast you see return.

    verified buyer
  • customer img1 Profit $32,951

    Jonh A, UK

    I’ve been in this space for less than 5 months and I already made my yearly salary! Honestly, this is a great way to invest money and actually see profit instantaneously. Love this smart platform, don’t miss out.

    verified buyer
  • customer img2 Profit $22,754

    Lauren K, UK

    There’s nothing out there that can perform this well and make profit on your behalf, I was bewildered at first. But, then learning about this platform further I can see how Wall Street giant traders rely on this smart platform. It honestly is a money maker.

    verified buyer
  • customer img3 Profit $15,175

    Tony L, Hungary

    This is my favourite way to make profit, I love seeing my bank account growing daily from these insane Zoom investments. There’s a reason as to why Zoom is doing so well in stocks, don’t miss out on this crazy way of earning money.

    verified buyer

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    Fund Your Account

    Like any investment, you need to set aside the capital in order to get started. With Zoom Investment, you can invest any amount of $250 or more.

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    Start Profiting

    Start earning profit from Zoom Investment with our award-winning platform. You have the option to set a trader to invest for you, or have the freedom to manually invest yourself.