The Rejuvenating Effects Of Silica, the Potent Trace Mineral We’re All Lacking

“Best way to cleanse the digestive system and strengthen your immunity system!”

Like so many women, I’ve tried every detox regimen under the sun. From apple cider vinegar to activated charcoal, I can say confidently that I’ve tried all the new fads to help with my indigestion and couldn’t seem to find a solution for my body.

After working all day, doing chores, and trying to keep up with the endless responsibilities, I was feeling the effects of continuously putting myself and my health last.

My busy schedule didn’t allow me to put all my focus and energy into working on my diet and keeping my indigestion at bay and I couldn’t escape the reality most nights. After long, stressful days, I would look forward to catching up on my sleep but instead I was often kept awake by the constant indigestion pains and nausea.

I tried juice cleanse after juice cleanse, green tea tablets, herbal remedies meant to draw out the harmful heavy metals that accumulate in our system and so many other “solutions” that either had no effect or made my digestion worse!

At my wits end, I reached out to my girlfriends practically begging for their detox secrets and tips — anything to get me out of this slump!

The responses I received didn’t spark much hope with many suggestions including taking a simple daily vitamin or “just drink more water.” I was already chugging several litres a day, but I needed something more to balance my digestive system and give me the invigorating boost I was looking for.

It was then that I first heard of silica as an effective digestive aid.

“Silica is very similar to activated charcoal,” a long-time family friend of mine explained. “It functions the same as it absorbs the toxins, including free radicals, and works to eliminate those from your body.”

Activated charcoal was something that I had tried multiple times in the past without any kind of result. I was skeptical of this supposed new trend.

“Silica is also 40 times more effective than activated charcoal!” she insisted. “It’s the ultimate superfood and the benefits for me have been unlike any other method of detoxifying.”

40 times more effective? I was sold. From that moment on, my life has completely changed since incorporating silica into my diet and I have Polisorb Plus in particular to thank for that!

The Newest All-Natural Way to Detoxify

I started taking Polisorb Plus a few months ago and it has been a game-changer!

Polisorb Plus contains 100% silicon dioxide — absolutely ZERO fillers or sugars. It is top-rated, scientifically backed, and a completely safe supplement to aid in digestion and improve overall health.

How does it work? Silica is a naturally occurring sorbent that acts similarly to a magnet when ingested. Harmful particles like toxins and free radicals will bind to the silica, which is then naturally passed through your system. Easy, right?

Silica is actually the third most abundant trace mineral in the human body, right after iron and zinc. It’s essential to maintaining good health!

What does silica do for our bodies? Many different things! It helps flush out harmful toxins, builds collagen, and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Leafy green vegetables are chock-full of this wonderful trace mineral that is essential to our overall health and wellness; however, oftentimes we just aren’t getting enough.

As much as I wanted to eat more greens and implement a healthier diet, life sometimes got in the way as it does when you’re keeping a busy schedule.

Now I use Polisorb Plus to ensure that I’m taking in enough pure silica everyday - without having to worry about any added ingredients or sugars. The benefits have been endless!

What Are The Benefits of Taking Polisorb Plus?

Silica operates with many different functions in the body so you can expect to see some amazing benefits from taking a silica supplement. The benefits of Polisorb Plus include:

  • Cleansing the Digestive System
  • Absorbs Allergens
  • Improves Digestion
  • Aids in Weight Loss
  • Strengthens the Immune System

After only a few days of taking Polisorb Plus regularly, I saw a noticeable difference in my digestion. I was no longer waking up in the middle of the night to grumbles or uncomfortable pains — a blessing to finally get my beauty sleep back for good!

Polisorb Plus has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to my digestion issues but what really surprised me was the effects over time.

Since starting a regular regime of silica supplementing, I have shed 10lbs of stubborn tummy fat that has stuck with me for years since having my second child. In only a few months, I was able to drop the weight that has been sticking to me throughout every cardio and Zumba class in the last decade!

In addition to slimming down, my hair and nails have become stronger and shinier and my skin is clear of blemishes. I feel 10 years younger since starting to take Polisorb Plus!

Increased collagen production from simply adding silica to my daily regimen has been an unbelievable benefit and my overall health and wellness is boosted every day, along with my confidence in my body and my appearance.

The best part? It’s completely safe for all. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Polisorb Plus, even the elderly and young infants. It’s fully backed by science and clinical trials, ensuring the safety and effectiveness for all ages!

My only regret is wasting so much time on other detoxifying methods that were unnatural and potentially harmful to my health. I’m so happy to have found Polisorb Plus, the natural way to combat digestion, increase collagen production and help shed body fat.

For a short time only, you can receive 50% off your purchase of Polisorb Plus! Silica supplements have been available in Asian markets, but Polisorb Plus is the first to be introduced in the United Kingdom and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive!

Take the first step towards better health and wellness today with Polisorb Plus!